The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 10 October 1987

Return to Norwich

‘Despair’ – Japan


LIFE IS NICE.  I mean that.


Well.  I set off for Norwich via King’s Lynn today.  Y’know. 


‘What a nice day to meet Justine, Roger and Suz…’




I got KL and only Nyall got on the bus.  None o’ the others.  And Nyall had no real idea whether or not they’d all be coming to Norwich later.  And, quite rightly, he had no real cause to know so I stopped bugging him about it.


So, I spent the first part of the day swanning around Norwich with Nyall, fancying everybody.  And drinking a pint in The Bell.  We then dossed a little more around Norwich, meeting up with me old mate of 14 years in age, Daffy, and his pals.  Also passed by Naomi on the other side of the road.


‘In-Vogue’ – Japan


Anyhoy, at 3.45pm, I went to meet Justine at the Indoor Market (as pre-re-arranged).  No sign.   I waited ages.  No sign.  I was well fucked off.  So Nyall and I got soaked wet in the rain, singing ‘This Corrosion’ a lot.  We went back to The Bell, where we met up with William ‘n’ Tracy.


‘Kick me in the stones’ – William, Oct/10/87


Another squat and bulbous penis…


Nyall decided I could stay at his house, so I rang Freddie and told him I wouldn’t be home.  Johnny Gunn joined us in The Bell.  He was brilliant.  He ‘n’ Nyall are coming to the next Tech Disco.  Naomi, Bugs ‘n’ Tracy also arrived.  I spoke to Bugs ‘n’ Tracy, but Naomi sort of kept out of my way.  She gave William a message to give to me, saying: ‘You broke my heart…’  But she gave me the studded wristband, which I ordered off Nicki aeons ago.  She also nicked a pint off someone and gave it to me Johnny ‘n’ Nyall to share.  Tracy sat and chatted with Naomi, so William – after buying us all a load of drinks – said goodbye and went to sit with his gurlie.  Then, after a brief dope session, Nyall and I left for King’s Lynn.


‘Hallowe’en’ – Japan


In Lynn, we went to the Wenns, where Nyall chatted with Dave the Twat – UURGH!  I chatted to Stan Flowers and his three band members.  This is the band he asked me to be in and I never really committed.  The name changed from The Antoinettes to Bombgasm and now Lethal Lust, which is crap.  I chatted a lot to the vocalist, Ursula, who is gorgeous and lives in Downham Market and knows all about BAD, SHOCK and X in Leeds as she buys her clothes fom these places.  Ace, eh?  I told her Stan had asked once me to join the band and write songs.  She said they’d all agreed that I could write lyrix for them if I still wanted.  I told Ursula I’d like to get involved with them, but Stan probably wouldn’t let me now, coz he knows I’d be in charge sooner or later.  Ursula said I ought to tell her my ideas and she could pretend they came from her, and that I should still write for them.  I will.  As for Stan, well, we chatted about him and she didn’t have many nice things to say about him.  I told her of his leeching from people like me ‘n’ Flash.  But we both agreed that he’s harmless and stuff, and overall a fairly decent bloke.  She told me what a lot of other people have told me.  Whatever he says, it’s Ritcherd this, or Ritcherd that.  She says he hero worships me.  Which is… sad… and nice.  Thank you, Stan.  I never realised.  I am his best mate, apparently!


I now have Ursula’s address.  I fancy her, yes.  I will write to her.


BACK at Nyall’s, I had a rant at Roger about Justine.



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Next time: ‘Plans…’

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