The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 17 October 1987


‘European Son’ – Japan


Nyall and I went to Norwich and got bored a lot, until we came across Jason Hertford and some of his mates, i.e. Jez (a girl), Diana, Diana’s brother and another girl with a mohecan.  We all chatted, etc, and were joined by Edward at Punk’s Green.  Then I saw an old acquaintance, Smith, the smooth geezer I met at Naomi’s party and we all chatted.  Smith is now to join mine ‘n’ Nyall’s embryonic band, Gwangi.  When Smith had to go, I styled Diana’s hair and we all went to The Bell, where we got tiddly with me old matey Johnny Gunn.


‘What You Have Is Enough’ – Voice Of The Beehive


As it happened, Diana and I got very close and kissed a lot.  We ‘got off’ with each other.  She’s, like, a 16-year-old weirdo Gemini with a hippy philosophy.  She’s into stuff like ‘pollution, Nicaragua, communes, Chumbawamba, poems, cartoons, arty stuff, silly monsters, yummy recipes and Menwith Hill Peace Camp’ if her choice in fanzines (Peace Of Mind published by ‘John’ from Preston) is anything to go by.  She’s pretty, with a sweet face and freckles, wild straw-coloured hair.  She likes Led Zeppelin, Crass and othersuch stuff.  I liked her a lot.  So did Nyall.  I am to write to her this week.  She lives on Croxton Road in Thetford and she’s given me her phone number.  She’s dead nice.  A real … y’know … one of ‘THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE’, yeah?  I may be seeing her again in 2 weeks.  She gave me an amulet: a five pointed star set into a crescent moon.




Diana’s great.


What about Justine?


Confusion, really.


Diana is dead nice.  I need a nice person.


‘Birthday’ – The Sugar Cubes


Alas, Nyall ‘n’ I had to leave, eventually.  In King’s Lynn, we sat in the Wenns and witnessed the split of The Antoinettes/Bombgasm/Lethal Lust, or whatever you wanna call ‘em!  Ursula, Simon + Jason have gone one way, Matt ‘n’ Stan the other.  After a long conference with Nyall, I went back with the idea that I join Stan’s half as front man, and Nyall joins Ursula’s half as a front man.  Everyone agreed this was a good idea.


But Gwangi still exists.  I’ll explain that when I’ve got more time.



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Next time: ‘Fade to grey…’

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