The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 23 October 1987

Bad News From Jenny

‘20 Killer Hurts’ – Gene Loves Jezebel


Sarah George gave me a letter today.




I’ll forgive you for not going to Drama.  You didn’t miss much.  We just talked about his life and how hard it is in the acting profession.  It was quite interesting.  As for the question and answer you gave…  Well, what can I say?  Apart from, It doesn’t surprise me.



Seriously, though, I spoke to Jenny and told her that you felt she’d kept you hanging on and she said that she didn’t feel that it was fair.  And I believe her, because I know how much she really did like you.  You know she was sorry if she hurt you, but it was unintentional. 


Anyway, that’s all in the past and now you’ve got something much more precious: her friendship, which will last longer than a relationship ever would, so remember that and stop dwelling on the past + thinking about things that will never happen. 


Sorry to be so blunt, but I feel you should know for your own sake.  As far as love is concerned, it’s more trouble than it’s worth at our age.  So try not to get too heavily involved in every relationship you get into then you can’t get hurt.  That’s what I’m doing at the moment.  I’ve made a rule never to get involved too quick again.


Anyway, I’ll go now.  Have a nice w/end with Flash.  Reply to this letter when you’ve got time.


Lotsa luv, hugs, bugs + kisses,






‘The Weathered Wall’ – David Sylvian


Today, I got my hair cut.  Shaved at the sides, long and spiky on top and down the back – almost the goth equivalent of a mohecan.  Astra Trellis did a great job.  I talked to Suz, ‘n’ she liked it, as did others.  Some hated it!  ‘Tis to be expected.




Luggage got talking to Anastasia, and I got talking to Vikki, Justine’s friend.  And I’m not scared to admit, although somewhat coarsely I’m afraid, that I’d really like to make love to her.


[EERGH! – Future Ritcherd] 


That’s all very well and good and stuff.  But my zits are so gammy now, it’d be impossible.


‘The Ink In The Well’ – David Sylvian


By the way, Justine and Graham are TOGETHER/‘going out’ with each other, etc.  But me ‘n’ Justine are still secretly seeing each other.  As she proved it this afternoon, when Graham had gone, by kissing me and giving me her address (on a bit of A5 with the words ‘TOP TREAT’ and ‘LOTS + LOTS + LOTS OF LOVE XXXX’ on it) so I can write to her.


I arrived at Flash’s and surprised the fuck out of him. 

He ‘n’ Manda are getting on well, get me?



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Next time: ‘Flowers in our hair…’

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