The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 6 October 1987

Arrogant, Outspoken

‘This Corrosion’ – The Sisters Of Mercy



Well, the weekend was great + I found out a fair bit about Justine.  This gurl doesn’t eat bugger all.  Nope, she don’t.  So Theer! 






‘Tour De France’ – Kraftwerk


OI!  OI!  I want more records, by: The Sisters Of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend, March Violets, Ghost Dance, Diamanda Galas, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, David Sylvian, Motorcycle Boy, The Sugar Cubes, MARRS, Art Of Noise and many more…


I’m now reading:


Doctor Who – Inferno by Terrance Dicks (Excellent)



The College Library, approx 3.25pm.


Why?  Why? 


Was it fate that I should decide to write some diary during today?! 


GODS!!!  I’m here, feeling well fucked off.




I got to Tech late, so I didn’t see Justine early on.

She wasn’t around at break.

At 12pm I saw her for less than a minute + arranged to meet her at 2pm.

Eventually, at 2pm we just missed each other.

At 3pm I was chatting to Astra Trellis (who had got stranded in London last nite) and Justine arrived.  She was dead cold and her kisses lacked emotion.



OH!  The Theatre is full of Pretentious Bastards!




The TTC’s Production of

Harold Pinter’s

The Applicant

Starring Ritcherd J Winterfood, Stan F Lampwick and Bella Flash Murphy


APPARENTLY Justine had been in a mood all day.  By 4.15pm she was okay, though, and it turned out that the mood was nothing to do with me.


She gave me a studded leather belt.




At Blackberry Narrow.


‘Spacelab’ – Kraftwerk


Updates here… 


Dubious about the GLJ gig now.  Ghost Dance aren’t playing, apparently.


Sarah George gave me a new pendant for my necklace, a skull flanked by two axe-heads.


Justine should be writing an insert for this very diary soon, y’know. 


A.T.’s bringing me lotsa JAPAN stuff tomorrow.


TECH DISCO tomorrow.  Remember them?


CND.  Who?


A giant penis/zeppelin with ‘SAY NO TO CRUISE…?’ written on the side…




Life is good again.  Flash has written to me.  AT LAST!  I LOVE HIM AGAIN.  He sent my crucifix back!  Good lad!!!


‘When the Wind Blows’ – David Bowie



He hates the Doctor Who story we were writing (The Kiss Of Pand’ra).  Good.  So do I.  His views on the new Doctor Who show are much the same as mine – he’s gone Doctor Who mad.


ASF wrote to him


Elbow got him a load of Doctor Who autographs at the PanoptiCon.


Eddie wants to come and stay down here.


He likes The Munsters – he likes Yvonne DeCarlo and loves the theme tune (good!).


He likes a Dr And The Medics record.


He’s got a bad toe.


College / school is shit.


He’s bored of the BTC (good!).  The BTC are totally finished.  Washed out (good!).


He’s mad on The Sisters of Mercy (good!).  He’s freaked on it.  He says the reform of SOM is the best thing to happen all year.  Gay Gordon thinx I hate them!  DORK!


HIS BEST GURL MATE (I’m really chuffed about this one) IS…Manda Jones.  He says she’s not as gorgeous as she was in Germany last year, but he’s madly in love with her.  They’re writing to each other a lot!  He’s declared his love to her and they’re both acting pretty casual about it.


In the letter, he gets pissed and takes the piss out of Naomi’s lisp…


He’s playing Danny (is it?) in the school production of Grease.


He nearly cut his hair (YAK!  And mine’s nearly all back!  I don’t believe it!), but then he didn’t.


He’s not a Goth, he doesn’t think.


He listens to Sputnik and Westworld a lot.


He started going out with a CRUE/BON JOVI fan called Carrie, from Ackworth.  He nicked her off Eddie in a way.  He says he now knows how I felt about all that ‘couldn’t help it’ stuff with Dodo.  Liar.  He probably doesn’t!  Lulling me into a false sense of security after which he’ll piss in my face again.  It’d be typical.  ARROGANT, OUTSPOKEN JEZ HERE!  SORREEE!  But he’s finished with Carrie now.


He reckons he’s more broad-minded about music + fashion now.  And other stuff.


He looks the same, apparently.


He reckons he’s conceited still.


‘Wow’ – Kate Bush


Don’t mess.  And no one does.  Most people are apparently scared of me.  GOOD!


Good old Flash.  I like him as much as I did.  But I don’t need him to undertand ANY MORE.  HE’S JUST THE SAME AS EVERYBODY ELSE I KNOW.  WHAT I ONCE SAW IN HIM IS IN EVERYBODY.


Life’s been a gay…


Getting some ‘grass’ tomorrow.  See you!



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Next time: ‘Crazy stuff…’

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