The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 16 October 1987

A Crazy Gig

‘Life In Tokyo (Theme)’ – Japan


Be prepared, readers, for a bit of an epic.  Okay?  This diary’s so crass, isn’t it?


Well then, fuckers, what’s happened?  Allsorts.


David Sylvian on the back cover of ‘Life In Tokyo’…


I went to Tech and Jenny was away which was a bugger.  So I couldn’t talk to her.


Me ‘n’ Roger were in silly, happy moods.  Writing stuff to Emma ‘n’ Mary from next door’s locker and being generally un-depressive.  But then Luggage had to ruin all that.  He just droned on and on about how much he loves Justine.  Roger nearly hit him for making such a meal of nothing.  I took delight in calling him a vulture and said nothing more.


I didn’t speak to Justine much at first, but she eventually decided she must talk to me.  So we chatted and she told me she’d thought about ‘US’ and had decided we just remain friends.  But she still loves me.  I couldn’t really handle the idea of this.  I just stared into space at the revelation.  All was quiet, and she ran away, crying.  I ran off, too.  Well distressed. 


After about 10 minutes, I returned, meeting Justine on my way.  She told me she’d changed her mind and we kissed.  A long, beautiful kiss.  She then went off to break the news to Graham, warning me I should be nice to him.  I told her, ‘Of course.’  I even offered to style his hair before the Gondoliers gig and he accepted.  Luggage got pissed off, whilst I, and many others, became increasingly happy.


‘Worth Waiting For’ – Gene Loves Jezebel


Tech finished and we (me, Justine, Graham, Charley and Fiona) stayed behind ‘n’ got ready.  Then we went to the Off Licence where I bought me ‘n’ Graham some lager ‘n’ we started to get on really well.  I quickly indulged myself in Special Brew and began to get well willied.


Time progresses.


Me, Justine ‘n’ Graham went off to the Bus Station to wait for Nyall.  Whilst we were waiting, Legs turned up, then Holly ‘n’ Helen, then Stan Lampwick with Ursula, Matt ‘n’ Simon from Bombgasm, then Nyall, Roger and Suz, then, finally, Luggage, Kevin Woody and their boring goth mate Greg.  We all got well pissed.


Nyall took the piss out of everyone, which was great.  Nowadays, I can see his reasoning.  I think he’s really good at being a bitch.  And why not?!  Eh?


‘God Save The Queen (Symphony)’ – The Sex Pistols


At the venue, we all settled in for a good willying.


Throughout the night, I drank:


Special Brew


Something terrible that Saskia and Erica Markham gave me

Southern Comfort





And I survived.  Which is odd for me.


The night was crap (-ish).  Whilst in conversation with Graham (whom I now consider a really good mate), I saw Kevin ‘n’ Legs holding hands with Justine.  Nothing in it, I thought.  Leave ‘em.  But as the nite progressed, it was plain that Kevin (at least!) was trying to get off with Justine.  I got a bit angry.  Even had a bad foot, she did.  Nipped off to the loos to sort it out.  She was gone for ages.  Every time I went to check on her in the Ladies, she was with some different bloke!  Arm in arm.  A few times it was Kevin.  On the odd occasion it was Legs.  Then Nyall disappeared.  At least I know he wants nothing to do with Justine in that way, but I caught him alone with Justine twice.  No, the second time, Suz was with them also.  Nothing happened, he says, but Justine ‘n’ Suz seemed to want it to.  Apparently, when Nyall said, ‘Look, I’ve got to go; I don’t want Ritcherd thinking I’m getting off with you’, Justine said ‘Fuck Ritcherd!’  Nyall was especially embarrassed when Justine went for a piss in front of him.


‘Nothing Left’ – The Primitives


In my anger, I went to talk to Blondie, telling her I like her a lot, as does Roger.  When she went off, I started to get dead angry, so Nyall took me outside and we chatted.  He explained what had happened and I found I was too pissed to fuss.  He’s great, is Nyall.  But once we got back inside, it seemed Justine was back with Kevin.  Graham felt I should kill him.  So did Roger, especially when, for ten fleeting minutes or so, he went off with Suz!  Solomon and Holly were very outraged.


I was so mixed up, but I never even said a bad word to Kevin after he ‘n’ Justine had disappeared.  I just went off to chat with Sarah George.  And then I saw Jenny.  I asked her if she’d come outside to talk with me.  She refused, so I got angry and stormed off, bumping into Erica.  We chatted and she kissed me.  Twice.  I then chatted to Blondie again.  She had decided Justine was a bitch.


‘Snake Dance’ – March Violets


Russel Flowers fell out with his girlfriend, and Kevin got off with Libby.


I got chatting to a goth called Patch who told me about his band, Bleak Confession.  They’re a speeded-up Bauhaus and they’ve got a few dates lined up, which are mentioned in SOUNDS.  He asked Stan and Bombgasm to support them in December.  Stan accepted.


We then danced a lot, but suddenly, from the direction of a load of casuals, I felt a splash of beer on my back.  I couldn’t tell which one it was that had done it, so I just walked up to them and said ‘Thanks’.  After I’d finished dancing, I headed back towards my seat, but one of the casuals barred my way.  I jabbed him in the ribs with my elbow and walked off to talk to Kevin.


‘Slow Drip Lizard’ – March Violets


I managed to get Kevin outside to chat about life in general, not, especially, Justine.  Then two of the casuals came out and started taking the piss out of his PVC trousers and telling him he looked shit.  I told them he looked good.  They said he looked gay.  I said ‘So what if he does?’  They said that they hate gays and want them all dead.  I walked up to them and said, ‘I’m gay.’  One of them asked me if I was taking the piss.  ‘Not really,’ I smiled.  This got him angry and he grabbed me, trying to pull me around the corner and away from the others so he could start a fight.  I just shrugged him off and walked back inside with my arm around Kevin.


Inside, Nyall knocked THAT casual’s beer all down his shirt.  I walked past them again, smiling.  They said something and I turned back, cupping my ear as if to say ‘Sorry?’  They didn’t say anything, so I shouted ‘Hey-Ho!’ and walked off.  They seemed well pissed off.


I got back to Justine who was now holding hands with Legs.  I gave him an evil stare and he let go.  Very quickly.  Then I had a real go at her.  She told me it’s all coz she’s pissed and I told her it wasn’t really helping.  Then she told me she ‘loves’ me, but the words lacked credibility – especially later, when she dragged Kevin off again.  However, I must stress that I saw no actual ‘getting off’, so didn’t visibly jump to any conclusions.


‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’ – Motorcycle Boy


At last, Jenny spoke to me, and I just told her I think a lot of her, but that I feel a lot for Justine.  I told her that what was happening was really doing me in.  I asked her if she’d meet me in Kingsburger on Monday.  She said she wasn’t sure.


The nite ended in same fashions.  All edgy coz casuals were ready to bray us all.  But we were all distant from each other, too.  I told Justine I’d see her on Monday, knowing full well that she was to meet Kevin Woody to ‘get pissed’ on Saturday.  Immaturity…


Nyall ‘n’ me got back to Terrington St Clement in Dave Brown’s car, just before Luggage was apparently beaten to shit by the casuals.



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Next time: ‘Diana…’

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