The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 13 May 1987

Polly Willis (3 Years Early)


‘Future Legend/Diamond Dogs’ – David Bowie



Well, today was very uncrucial, my man.

Naw!  It was olraeght!

I went into King’s Lynn with Jo Jordan (previously known as Li’l Gothic), who I’ve spent a lot of time talking to lately.  She is a nice girl really, and we laughed a fair bit about my ‘crush’ on her in February.  Yo-Ho-Ho!

Later, at Tech, her friend Polly Willis came to talk to us.  I really like her and I’ve kind of known her since I came to Tech last September.  She’s a really tall sort of alternative-type, but quite, well, ‘studenty’.  She’s lovely, though.  My kind of girl.  Really tall and womanly.  She’s much taller than me, with long dark dredlocks.  Very fanciable, but probably quite out of my league.  I bet she has all kinds of men that are much older or more mature than me going after her.

Anyway, lo and behold, my second best mate (for reasons I can’t or am probably just reluctant to pinpoint) Simon Nightingale arrived, bringing my other new friend Nigel with him.  They’re allowing Roger to come to Sheffield and have asked if we can all stay over at Flash’s.  I’ll find out, of course.  This all means that the trip to Sheffield is going to be excellent – but only if Simon can borrow his dad’s car again.  Pray!  Pray!  Etc…

Once this was all sorted, Simon, Nigel, Jo, Polly and I went to the Walks for a booze.  We had a really good laugh and Polly was really funny.  I really, really like her.

Afterwards, Simon drove Polly back to West Winch, and I went with them because I like them both so much.  Great people.  And I adore Simon.  I like that we see a lot of each other.  And laugh a lot.  It seems that since I’ve met him, life has started to climb towards the high points.  ’87 seems to be getting better and I’m starting to believe ‘Summer is beautiful’.

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