The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 17 April 1987

In the Court of the Crimson King

‘The Court of the Crimson King’ – King Crimson

The time right now is 7.10pm, and I am sitting with Flash, under a parasolled table in the huge grounds of Gordon Villas.  Oh god, it’s so great to be here at my best mate’s house, feeling all ace and tranquil.  It’s a lot better than old Blackberry Narrow in Mary.  It’s nice and hot here.  And the sun has been very kind and generous.

These are the days that I live for…

Last nite, I arrived at Flash’s at about 7.15pm and he wasn’t here, but his mum, Gerry, let me sit in his room and wait for him.  When he finally arrived, he was with WAZZER, who is a good kid, and we all had a laugh going some BTC recording and scoffing the Maltesers my Aunty Vi had given me for Easter.  When Wazzer went home, Flash and I read our diaries to each other (taking it in turns, entry by entry), and it was great to get all the tension of previous months off our chests and cleared away.  I realise I have been a twat and I am so grateful that he has forgiven me that much.  We stayed up all nite writing BTC stuff (a brilliant pastiche of Nineteen Eighty-Four called Citizen Derrick).

Today, we went to see my Gran Winterfood, who was dismayed at my ‘fookingess’ hair and Flash’s ‘fookingess’ hair.  But they gave me a fiver all the same.  As did my Dad when I saw him later on.  God!  He’s a great bloke, my Dad.  While we were there, Flash used some spray of my Dad’s to spray most of his hair black!  We also visited Flash’s gran and granddad, and visited Seymour’s Opticians where we saw Annie, who is really nice.

And now we are back at Gordon.  Tired slightly, and writing more BTC stuff out here on the lawn, not far from where we buried and exhumed our biscuit tin time capsule.  God, it’s so peaceful out here.  Lazy.  Laid back.  No tension betwixt Flash and me.  All that is past.  Hopefully forever.

God!  God!  God!  That brief time ‘with’ Dodo seems so pointless and senseless. 

Here I am; peace in my heart, in the place where I want to be.  It’s hard to describe how relaxed and great it is.

Flash and I are off to get drunk in a while and do some recording in our unfit state, which should be jolly.  Tomorrow, we intend going to Leeds.  I want some clothing!

A favourable record at the moment is ‘The Court of the Crimson King’ by King Crimson.  It’s a song that fills one with strength and power.  It allows one to hold one’s head above the raging torrent of life…

But here…  There is no torrent here.  Here is peace and tranquillity.  Love and respect.  Beauty and faith.  Trust and self-knowledge.  Here, the blood mingles with the soul.

Ritcherd and Flash.

I feel great.  So let’s get pissed!

Flash  writes:        

Oooooh… I feel GREEE-ATTE!  I’m in a pretty joyous mood and … GOD, isn’t CITIZEN DERRICK terribly
WACKY!  And UGH … oooo … I’m baking me kegs cos o’ this bee in the yard… AAAiiiEEEE!  I’m happy – GOOD. 
Let’s get really SLOSHED and WHAMMO, Jez, ol’ PAL, or PIZZA…

Thank you, Flash.


‘Jumping Jack Flash’ – The Rolling Stones

Flash and I DID get pissed.  And we went to Dodo’s, or Boswell’s as we now call her, due to her funnily positioned eyes.  Ho-ho-ho!  We got some tapes back and went to my Gran’s. 

Gran Pritchard, that is.  They gave me a fiver.  Also at my Gran’s were my Great Aunty Janet, Great Uncle Norman and my half-cousin Tracey, all of whom I haven’t seen for about 4 years.  They’re ace.  Really nice people who talk a lot of sense.  And they live near Flash!  Therefore, they gave us a lift home…



Chip, my half brother, was born at 10am on Friday morning, 17 April 1987.  Ace, eh?  So I’m a brother again… BRILLIANT!

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NEXT TIME: ‘Heart full of soul…

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