The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 7 April 1987

Gone, Man

‘More Than This’ – Roxy Music

Today was not uninteresting.  Shall I tell yer why?

Olraeght, if yer insist…

The reason that today was good is this: For most of the day I was stoned!

Yes: narked, fucked-in, reefed, doped.  Good, eh?!

You might think: ‘Oh!  What a silly boy for getting’ mixed up in them nasty drugs’, but that’d be your tough.

This is what I think: ‘What a lark!’

But no, it wasn’t street drugs.  It wasn’t even an intentional trip.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’m on antibiotix for my spots and Cosalgesics for my toothache.  Well, I had a few too many Cosalgesics, yesterday.  Quite by accident!  So when I got up today, I felt okay at first, but I still had toothache, so I took two more…

‘Alice’ – The Sisters of Mercy

On the bus, Claire Stubbs told me that my good friend Monica (who is away in Sandringham for five weeks) is definitely pregnant.  Oh god!  I feel really sorry for her.  I hope she contacts me so I can tell her I care.  I really do think highly of her.  Does she realise this, though?!  I’m really worried about her.

As I left the bus, I nearly collapsed as all my joints went stiff and the pills took their toll.  It was ace.  I felt as though I wasn’t part of this universe.  And I actually wrote an essay in this state.  I was just gone, man…

I’ll have to stop saying ‘man’.  I’ve got that off Roger.

I spent all day in childlike awe of my surroundings.  God, did I feel good.  I was ready to face anything and anybody, especially Sonia, who didn’t arrive till 3pm.

As I write this, my head’s spinning again.  This is fookin’ grooveh, I tell yer…

It turned out that my fascination with BMW had nothing to do with what Sonia was saying yesterday.  The fact of the matter was – and I had trouble taking it all in cos I was on Mars, I don’t kid yer, baby! – she saw Gary Decan on Saturday nite and he’d asked her out, but she told him she didn’t know whether or not she wanted to.  I told her that I understand her feelings for GD, as my feelings are fucking massive for BMW.  I told her it was up to her whether we finish or not.  She said we ought to carry on and see what happens…

But not much’ll happen.  We live centuries apart, so I suppose I ought to look upon this relationship as a temporary arrangement…

Actually, it might do her good to back out with GD.  If she really loves him.  I’ll put it to her tomorrow.  Y’see, I know now that I can never fully love Sonia…

Why can’t BMW ask me out, eh? 


Why do I find myself entranced by BMW?

‘Spellbound’ – Siouxsie and the Banshees

My spots are bad.  Dreadful, in fact.

Oh!  Solomon ‘n’ Luggage got some hassle from THOSE casuals today and had to do a runner into the Common Room.

Later, as I passed the bus of one of these sheenies, he was staring at me aggressively.  I walked up the bus window with a curious look on my face and he stared me straight in the eyes, as if to say, ‘You, y’basterd, y’nacked!’  So I gave him a ‘Come on then, y’little cunt!’ look in return.

He’ll probably do me in tomorrow wi’ all his mates, but I couldn’t give a toss.  I’ll be high again, hopefully.  Y’see, I’ll need some more pills for me teeth tomorrow morning…

It was Kevin’s birthday today, and I feel really sorry for him, cos his parents waen’t even get him a card, cos he’s a ‘weirdo’.  Bastards, eh?  Even though it was his birthday, he gave me a Shop Assistants 7-inch (‘I Don’t Wanna Be Friends With You’), which was good of him!

Trianglia was okay and I got on really well with Danny’s ex-girlfriend, Michelle.  She’s nice.  No more Trianglia for a month now, so I’ll be bored.

I’ve been invited to lotsa parties.  This lass who I don’t really know is having one in Fincham (wherever that is) two weeks from now.  On May 8th, Danny’s getting me into one in Wisbech, and there’s one in June in Peterborough, which Flash can also go to.  Good, eh?


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