The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 1 April 1987


The world’s about to end…!

War’s been declared!

What’ll i do?

Farewell, diary…



Not very convincing, was it?

Today… I will ask Sonia out.

See you later!


I arrived at Tech and asked Monica if she was going to the Catering Disco in the evening.  She said no and then said something that really worries me (an’ I hope she wasn’t ‘April-fooling’).  She is upset – tremendously – as she’s realised she loves her ex-boyfriend more than she’d ever imagined.  She also believes she’s pregnant, and as consequence told me she was going to be at home committing suicide while we were all at the Catering Disco.  I was worried for her…

I spent the day with Roger, Bianca White, Holly, Solomon, Kevin, Luggage and Sonia.  Seeing Roger, I asked him if I could stay at his house after the disco that night.  He said I could.  I told him that Gillian fancies him like mad.  He’s considering going out with her.  We all went and bought some booze from Sainsbury’s.

Just before Sonia had to go home – by an hour or two – I asked her if she’d go out with me.  She was indecisive at first, but finally said yes.  So I’m happy ‘n’ nice ‘n’ gorgeous.  Like she is.  She’s bringing me a leather biker’s jacket on Friday.  But I’m not sure if I’ll like it or not…

Saskia gave me lotsa sarky when I saw her.  She thinks I’m ignoring her!  I’m not, but I’m amused as to why she’s so bothered.  She’s another girl I’d love to get off with, but she never seems to show that kind of interest, so why’s she so bothered now?  Because my attentions are focussed on Sonia?

As we (Roger, Bianca White, Holly, Kevin, Luggage, Solomon ‘n’ me) got ready for the disco, I did Roger’s hair so brilliantly.  I crimped and backcombed it up like the Bride of Frankenstein. 
I was so jealous of what I’d done to his hair!

We arrived at The Ship pub only to be faced with a lot of trouble, to our dismay… 

We were stared at as we danced to ‘In Between Days’ and ‘Rain’

…cos we was the only Weirdoes there.  Pretty soon, rumours were circulating that I was gonna get beat up, but I was too pissed to be bothered. 

As I got more drunk, the others slammed to ‘This Wheel’s On Fire’ and ‘Love Is The Slug’

…but I sat and sulked in my seat for a bit.  Then some casuals began to try ‘n’ look hard, slamming amongst the others but aggressively.  It turned out that Bianca got bashed in the face a few times.  She wasn’t damaged, but it created tension and anger.  Finally, someone threatened to knife Roger, so we all left and dossed miles o’er to the Wenns pub in the pissin’ down rain.

All in all, an awfully tossed off evening.  A waste of dosh.  I think we’ll all be much more wary when going out in future…

Got back to Roger’s and died slightly…

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