The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 20 April 1987

Easter Monday 1987

‘Descent’ – The Cure

At about 1am, Flash and I walked home.  We finally got to Gordon Villas after being very zany on the way.  And Flash came up with a theory, which seems to ring very true.  I am such a nice guy, that if a situation arises where I have to be a bastard to someone (not out of malicious choice), I end up getting hurt more than the person I’m being a bastard to.  Flash says I must choose from the two extremes: either be a total heartless bastard, or don’t even try to be a bastard…

In the night, Flash, asleep on the floor next to me, dreamt about he and I walking around Ponty.  I dreamt something similar, but in mine, some lads and other passers-by kept shouting ‘Sweetest Jez drives a rocket up his anus!’  And they all produced rocket lollies.  Odd, eh? 


It’s approx 12.15pm, and I am preparing to go home.  It’s been ace here, at Gordon in P’Fract.  Furking Ess.

Flash’s coming to Doncaster with me, to see me off, as I’m getting a train at about 4.20pm.  I don’t really want to go home.  Cos I’ll have to be bored out of my fuckin’ head at the Yard.  So, home to see my right nice family and my new brother.  How ace, eh?  Going back to great ace Wisbech St Mary.  Fucking Great!  I’m sure.  I do (much!  oh Yus!) want to go home.

I’ll see you on the train…



‘A Question of Time (Extended)’ – Depeche Mode

It’s approximately 4.30pm.

The train was late.

I don’t really want to go into too much detail about the last day or so, at the moment, because the pen I’ve just borrowed from a man opposite me is running out.

I’ve got to part with a lot more money than I intended when I arrive in Peterboro’ as Freddie can’t pick me up.  BASTARD!  So I’ll have to bus it.  If there is one.  It’ll be my luck if there is not.

It’s been a great weekend, but I’d rather have stayed longer or gone at the end of the holidays.

Now I hope Flash gets in touch with BMW for me…


THE TIME IS APPROXIMATELY 5.45pm, or somewhere thereabouts, I should guess…

‘1969’ – The Mission

I bet I’ve left my Parker pen at Flash’s!  FFFFUCKAH!!

So.  I sit here in the Buffet Bar of Peterborough Railway Station

Nope.  I was wrong.  It’s 6pm.  And the Rail Link Bus does not arrive until 7pm.  What a jape, eh?  Ho-ho-bloody-ho!

I left Flash’s at about 2pm, and he and I caught a bus to Doncaster, where, at 4.21pm, he saw me off…

I don’t feel as peaceful as I did at Gordon Villas any more.  I felt ace when I was there, and although I feel better now than I normally do when I’m in Cambridgeshire/Norfolk, my emotions, feelings and thoughts are not as beautiful as the ones developed at Gordon 6.  So there!  I really enjoyed myself and the week that is just beginning is going to be very dismal in comparison.

Squiggles and dots…


It’s 6.30pm rite now.

‘Ching-a-Ling’ – David Bowie

I’ve just bought a sarny + a cup of tea and it cost me 98p!  Fuck!

AMAHZING NEWS: Paul goes to church with one of Flash’s teachers, Lynnete Forth, and really fancies her.  SMALL WORLD!

ANOTHER FACT: Aunty Vi’s ex-husband – lives above Paul.  SHOCK, EH?  I chatted with him last nite and he’s ace.  So is his dad!

I’ll tell you the rest when I get home…

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NEXT TIME: ‘Easter Tuesday?

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