The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 3 April 1987

Do You Love Her?

'In Dulce Decorum' – The Damned

Today it didn’t piss it down as it had been doing since Wednesday, so my hair was ‘fooking hess’.  Thankfully!  But as I waited for Sonia to arrive at Tech, I remembered that she wouldn’t be there till dinner at least…

So I spent the day with the ‘usual’ gang.  A good mate, Pot Noodle, who’s older and madder than the rest of us, was told of all our ‘hassle’ from ‘the caterers’ and says if he sees the main two who slammed into Bianca ‘n’ Holly, he’s gonna beat the shit out of ‘em.  He’s also going to do their car over.

‘Brittle Punches’ – Gene Loves Jezebel

At afternoon break, Sonia finally arrived, and I must say I’m very pissed off and very depressed as I only saw her for this 15 minutes and I didn’t even get her phone number… 

It was my own fault, too, because I kept dashing in and out of the common room to join the Tech ‘Goths’ and the KES 6th Form ‘Goths’ (including Roger, Kevin, Luggage, Dave, Lol, Taff, Plastic Nick, Pot Noodle, Keith and Anarchist Mick) in chasing down the caterers so we could do them in.  In the end, there was no real hassle, but I’m sure there will be soon.  If so, I want to be part of it.

So I saw Sonia hardly at all.  Three long kisses, but nothing more.  At least she was accepted for her hairdressing course in London.  I can’t wait to see her again.  But, you may have noticed, I haven’t made too much fuss of her. 


‘DO YOU LOVE HER?’ you may ask me.

I’m not sure.

I mean, after Dodo and thinking of how I still feel about BMW, I’m making it a rule not to fall in love with anyone.  Let’s say I ‘like her immensely’…

Apparently Monica was alive yesterday.  Both Kevin + Bella Murphy spoke to her.  I still ain’t seen her…


Ho-ho-ho!  How we laugh!  Let’s read it, eh?  E’en though it’s predictable,

eh kids?!


‘Don’t Bang the Drum’ – The Waterboys

Why?  Why Flash?  Why me?  Why did I ever want to meet her?  Why did I ever get off with her at the Pahtey?  Why?  What made me even think there was a choice between her ‘n’ Flash?  For fuck’s sake.  Disillusion or what?  Regret is all I feel.  Like I’ve been used.  Like my love for Flash has been played with and abused…

She, That Girl, is now signing herself not as DODO but as JO.  She clearly knows I know what she’s been up to.  She makes no excuses.  She says she wants to start a new life for herself.  Thank God I’ve still got Flash.  And now Sonia.  If I didn’t have them…

She says she believes a relationship wouldn’t have worked.  And it didn’t.  So she’s right.  Ho-ho-ho!  I’m sure I’m glad of what I did on Feb 14.  Do!  I’m sure.  Like that was worth it.  Like that had a point!  I wish I’d let Flash keep her, but then again he’d still have suffered.  They wouldn’t be together now even if I hadn’t interfered…

‘The Love Cats’ – The Cure

What a jolly month she gave me, eh?  And she says she’s sorry.  So?  I agree with you, Flash.  That word holds no substance at all.  Now I know how it feels, Flash , so I hope this will make us into better, closer friends.

Ho-ho!  Look at the postmark: APRIL 1.  Yo-ho-ho!  I’m chuffed.  What a FOOL I’ve been.


I hate Sharons ‘n’ Sheenies!

My bedroom is freezing.  It isn’t ‘fooking ess’ like my hair.  It is more of a ‘fooking ass’.  Yo-ho-ho!

Dodo, y’bitch!!!

Sorry.  Tut.  God!  I ask yer, eh?

It’s just a bit ‘too bad’ though, really, because by the time she wrote the letter, I had already asked Sonia out.  I feel no guilt at the speed of my actions.  I’ve hardly seen Dodo anyway!

The Cure are q. good, aren’t they, ‘goth’-‘mates’?  But I do love Gene Loves Jezebel.

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NEXT TIME: ‘More thrills…

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