The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 21 April 1987




‘The Year of the Cat’ – Al Stewart

Officially it’s Tuesday, but to me it’s still Monday…

Still, anyhoy…

I rang my Dad after dinner, to say goodbye.  He says he’ll do me a tape with ‘The Court of the Crimson King’ on.  I’ve actually just been listening to it on Flash’s wobbly tape, which he kindly lent me.  That song makes me feel the confidence + nostalgia Flash built between us over the weekend.  It also fills me with thoughts of BMW, Manda and BOSLEY (who Flash still really loves).

God, I’ll miss Flash over the next few months…

I am home now, after passing BMW’s house this evening (I think she saw me!). 

Staying at our house are Aunty Vi, Kelly and Toyah.

I’ve met my baby brother – who somehow picked up the nickname Chip – and he’s so cute.  And tiny.  But to see him distresses me.  His unknowing innocence scares me.  I worry for him and fear for his future in this world.  I hope he has a nice life…

‘Year of the Cat’ (taped from Paul) takes me back to my childhood, and makes me think of the ace time I had seeing Paul again…

So, what’s been achieved over the weekend?  One vital thing: HAPPINESS.

Flash and I are at the best point of our friendship so far; the best friendship in all our lives.  I feel so ace about him.  He’s great.  That is what’s been achieved: a readiness for life, which I now possess.

But I am not as peaceful as I was…

Still.  Thanks for the best and longest weekend ever, Flash.



‘You Trip Me Up (Acoustic)’ – Jesus and Mary Chain

Jagged lines…

I went to work today, at the Yard, and it all passed rather dreamily.  Freddie didn’t work though, and will not be working for two weeks, as he’s taking a leave of absence to spend time with his new son.

My brother Chip is so minute.  So brilliant.  I love him to death.  I hope he grows up to be a really ace bloke.

I have discovered today that my Granddad Pritchard’s mum, Grandma Hall, wasn’t married to his father!  He also spent the first 8 years of his life in a children’s home!


Berwin Groomstool

‘Another Journey by Train’ – The Cure

I feel good and full of confidence for my life in the future.

Well.  Apart from my boredom at work and home (neither of which was REALLY bad), I have rung my old friend (circa: APRIL/MAY ’86) Sophie Fisher. 

Regular readers may or may not remember her.  She was an old mate of BMW’s and I first met her in December ’85.  She was my best female friend this time last year.  So much so that I nearly asked her out, but I didn’t cos I didn’t want to spoil our ace relationship.  But I didn’t see her much after last May.  In fact, I think I only saw her once, last October, outside the Angles Theatre.  Can’t see what went wrong between us.  We just drifted apart…

I rang her tonite, but she wasn’t in, so Mrs Fisher gave me the number of the house Sophie is staying at tonite.  Sophie was surprised to hear from me, and I asked her if she would meet me on Saturday at 2pm, as I need someone to chat with, and as we haven’t spoken for ages, we need a good natter.  She said she will meet me and sounded as though she was looking forward to it.

I remember she used to be a weirdo, but went trendy.  I expect I’ll really show her up.  I suppose she’s changed a lot and we won’t get on or something shate like that.  I look forward to seeing her, anyhow…

David Bowie’s aura, leaping towards us, arms outstretched…

See ya!

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NEXT TIME: ‘Drive my rocket…

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