The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 13 April 1987

Shit Week


‘Big Brother’ – David Bowie

Welcome to my shit, hateful week.  Put it all down to destiny and fate.  I’ve got to accept the facts, but, God!  I can’t wait till this is all o’er…

I mean, I had an ace dream about some o’ my Tech mates last night, and I wish they were all coming with me.  It’d be ace with ‘real’ people.  Kevin, for example.  As cute as he is, he’s a bloody good laugh.  Luggage: a plonker, but a generous bloke.  Roger: a fuckin’ excellent kid.  I appreciate ‘em all.

Well.  I resign myself to my shate.

I bet I get a fuckin’ cold…



‘Love Removal Machine (Extended Rock Mix)’ by The Cult is on…

Work ain’t been bad so far.  I don’t notice it much if I lose myself in my thoughts.

Apart from that, I feel violently ill.  My gut is doin’ somersaults.  I’s gonna bo-hack my lo-hadd all o’er.  Dunno why…

Flash’s sent a letter at long last.  I tell ye o’ it lahter.  Good, eh?

See you larrter…


‘Oh! Bondage Up yours’ – X-Ray Spex

Flash’s letter was written in two parts: one on Wednesday 8th and the other on Thursday 9th.

8th: He tells me he has done some further BTC mixing, and he hates Dodo who he won’t be seeing again.  He’s quite pleased about that, because he’s got two of her records, which he isn’t going to give her back.  Yo-ho-ho!  But he’s still talking to Lisa, Dodo’s friend.  He saw her on Wednesday nite, arctyolleh! 

He also has a cold, cos it rained a lot on Tuesday. 

He now has a strange affinity for Marvel Comics’ superheroes.


His favourite groups are now: The Sisters of Mercy (as with me), Alien Sex Fiend (as with me!), The Cure (who I had a ‘phase’ on about two weeks ago, didn’t I?  Sorry, Flash, I’m not too keen on them at the mo’, but good on you for likin’ ‘em!), and The Jesus and Mary Chain (whose ‘mellow’ stuff I hate, but whose ‘hard’ stuff I like…). 

He’s had a dream (pervy!) about Lisa, and another less pervy one about Stan (Loadagay / Cosmo  / Flowers) Lampwick.

9th: He can’t wait for me to go to his end of the Wahddes.  But he doesn’t know when I’m going (come to think o’ it, neither do I).  He wants to stay at our house one weekend in May.

He’s pissed off cos he’s the only ‘alternative’ (i.e. weirdo, etc…) that he knows (what about me?  Cheers, ‘mate’!).  Nowadays TAZ, who Flash now hardly sees, can’t face being an ‘alternative’ ‘with his mates’.  And Flash also claims that ‘You-Know-Who’ (I presume that’s Dodo) is now ‘a fucking trendy spaz’.  Literally or metaphorically?

Oh.  He had a dream about me ‘n’ him.  Kissing.  Interesting.  That’ll give all the psychiatrists reading this crap something to talk about (but I doubt there are, indeed, any psychiatrists reading…).

He also says his mum is BLIND.  Really?  Permanently?  Apart from that, I’ve let him know when I’m coming…

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NEXT TIME: ‘Bitsu-Ni…

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