The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 27 March 1987

Sonia King

‘Day In, Day Out’ – David Bowie

Tech has been okay.  I met a girl called Sonia King in college (slim, dark haired, beautiful eyes in a BMW kind of way).  I think she is really nice and we have a common interest: The Sisters of Mercy.  She is an Eldritch fan.  Fuckin’ ess.  She’s Phoebe’s mate!

Erm…Been chatting to Bianca White an’ her maets, with Roger.  Me and Roger are also in the process o’ writin’ to two girls in Surrey who want pen pals.  They were in Smash Hits, so we’re sendin’ a photo wi’ the letter.  Good, eh?  eh?  eh?  eh?

Yeah, I bought Smash Hits because Wayne Hussey was on the cover and there’s a big Mission article in there.  There’s a bit on Bowie, too – and an interview with Margaret Thatcher (!).

Flash’s written/wrote/wraited at me.  I’ll read it latah.

‘Sometimes’ – Erasure

I’d just like to say… Even tho’ I’ve been listening to Erasure + David Bowie, it doesn’t mean I’m mad about ‘em as groups or artists; it’s just that I like one or two of their records at the mo’. 

My official top groups, in order of love, are as thus:

The Sisters of Mercy

Gene Loves Jezebel

Alien Sex Fiend

The Jesus and Mary Chain

But that’s only for now!

How about worst groups?  Well, there’s lotsa shit groups, i.e. Madonna, Level 42, etc.  And what about groups I’ve liked that I now think are ‘shite’?  The Cult, The SmithsJapan aren’t too ace, either.  Sylvian is crap.  Nelson’s a doss.  I’ll probably change me mind in half an hour, though.

God!  The Sisters sound is ace.  Y’see, I’m in love with drum machines.  God knows why!

‘Looking Back’ – Shop Assistants

Flash’s letter:

By March 24, Flash was v. bored. 

By March 25, my letter had arrived at his home.  He apologised for all the ‘finish with Dodo’ stuff.  I thank him dearly.  Taz means nothing to him compared to me.  I am his best mate and I’m honoured that he considers me to be such.  I am proud to be his.  Apparently my Dad knows about what happened between Flash and I.  Flash no longer seems to be fussed about me ‘n’ Dodo.  I’m glad, cos I don’t want him to be upset. 

By Thursday 26, another letter must’ve arrived.  Or something.  He wants to come down here for Rag Week in October to join in the talent contest, wherein he, Roger, Nyall, Plastic Nick ‘n’ Pot Noodle will be ‘jammin’’.  Dodo wrote to him, which cheered him up.  He’s not at all bothered about Wales; he just doesn’t wanna miss his mates.  He hates Erasure.  Well.  SO DO I!  GOOD, EH?!  It’s just that their ‘latest piece o’ shate’ gave me confidence.

By the way, last week Sonia told me she had been talking to a Wisbech Goth I don’t know especially well – although I have said hello to him when I’ve been out with Hazel (she knows him) – and he apparently thinks I’m a TWAT.  I told Flash this, and he goes on to talk about it in his letter.  He says I have to tell Tim he is in fact the twat, and that if he doesn’t love me, then the Leeds Goths are going to nack him.  Yo-Ho-Ho! 

So Flash is bright.  Therefore, so am I.  He’s so fuckin beautteh!  I’ll be seein’ him in 2 weeks, hopefully.  Oh, Groovers ‘n’ stuff!

The Magic Roundabouts has disintegrated, along with my friendship with Nyall.  Our rivalry has begun anew, and it is almost as if we have become enemies.

Aladdin Sane and Scaroth of the Jagaroth – live on stage!

‘Newton invented punting…’

Give me shelter,

Shelter from my life…

All my love and Rockets,

Jezebel xxxxx

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NEXT TIME: ‘Escaping…’

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