The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 9 March 1987

Suicide Switch

‘No One Is Innocent’ – The Sex Pistols

My hair’s better than it was yesterday, now that it’s crimpt!

What happened today, eh, folks?  Not much, eh? 

I’m back into loads o’ make-up, if yer wanted to know, and for the first time ever I’m wearing black lipstick during the daytime.

Saskia, Erica, Jo, Tish and half of the rest of Tech were away today.  Roger was there, but we didn’t do much as he had lessons all day and I had to catch up on lots o’ homework.

I had some great chat with Monica on the bus, about being a vampyre and our mutual lust for the taste of blood.  She’s a really great gurlie!

‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ – The Bangles

Back home, I had tea, etc. and Paul rang up.  I chatted with him and we got on really well.  A peace was made and I felt really good about that.  Paul has been through a bad time since we all fell out, but things are looking good again.  Jack’s father is back on the scene and I am prepared to welcome him back with open arms.  I have missed Paul Jones.  But he sounds bad.  His nerves are destroying him and he’s contracted lots and lots of depression.  I’ve got to see him soon…   

Betty later told me that a letter from Flash had arrived.  I haven’t seen it yet and didn’t/don’t intend seeing it until I’ve done the first part of today’s diary entry.  Surprisingly, he rang on impulse, very quickly and from his gran’s, sounding really pissed off but wanting to see if I was still his best mate.  He told me that the contents of the letter are angry in places and that he doesn’t mean it.  He’s also sent another letter to apologise.

Now to read the letter…


Ach!  Babber!  It is 8.30pm-ish.

‘People Ain’t No Good’ – The Cramps

I have got three letters.  Two from Flash + one from Dodo.  One of Flash’s letters says lotsa nasty things about me ‘n’ Dodo on the envelope.  The other says ‘Read this one first’ on it. 

Here goes…


Apologies for the nasty things on the other one; he says he’s very misguided and irrational these days and wants to come down here to stay in the Easter holidays. 

I know Betty won’t let him come!  DAMN!


He’s been shoplifting!  He’s off to see The Mission with Taz at Leeds; he wants to go back out with Vicky; he’s fed up with his image (sounds familiar!); he doesn’t mind about me ‘n’ Dodo now; he hates Dodo’s parents; on March 4, Vicky started going out with Arundel (Har!  Har!); he’s doing some taping with TATTY-WATTER (whoever that is!); on March 6, he + Gerry (his mum) discovered conclusive evidence that Gerald (his dad) left them for another woman – they only found this out on Geraldine’s birthday, didn’t they?! 

He gets frantic towards the end of the letter, cos I ain’t wroten to him.  He’s unstable and says that if I start to hate him then everyone will suffer.  Our friendship’s dead, I can feel it. 


Does he realise how much I do love him?! 


Says she will be patient and wait for me.  Oh god!  Oh god!  Oh god!  She had been depressed until she received my letter on Thursday and then went KRAZEEE!  She wishes Flash would understand and that he’d realise she no longer ‘belongs’ to him.  She tells me I mean a lot to me and offers me all her love and passion.  WOOO!

I got lotsa post today. 

I LOVE ‘EM BOTH!!!!!!!!!!


‘Message’ – Gene Loves Jezebel

In a schizophrenic frenzy, I have written a letter to Flash, admitting to all the events that took place between the Dodo and I at his pahtey.

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