The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 29 March 1987

A Jolly Day for Dodos


‘The Passenger’ – Siouxsie and the Banshees

Wow!  How exciting, eh?  Eh? 

Startin’?  Are you?  Eh?  Eh?  C’mon, then!

Look…  Come on…  Take yer all on…

Go on, then…  Try it, pal…

Aw!  Yer not worth the effort!

It’s fairly early ‘n’ I’ve just crimpt me hair.  It’s fooking ess.  Shame I’m not off nowhere.  How come it only goes ‘fooking ess’ when you’re not goin’ anywhere?


‘Youth of Nation on Fire’ – Bill Nelson

Stan came round today and chatted about Sonia with me (he knows her).  I wonder, why is everyone so concerned as to whether I’ve met her or not?

I gave Stan my autographed ‘Stay With Me’ 12-inch by The Mission and my Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence LP by Ryuichi Sakamoto (almost 1 year since I purchased it), in exchange for two GLJ 12-inches on white label.  I’m chaffed wi’ em…


11.45pm, approx.

‘With or Without You’ – U2

What a jolly day it’s been, eh, readers?  I didn’t write about it at the time, cos I couldn’t be arsed, but…  I awoke today and gave Betty her card ‘n’ presents and she told me Flash had rung earlier on, when I was in bed.

‘Ooh!’ I thought.  ‘This is all a bit bleedin’ previous…’

He rang back eventually.  And he sounded rather tense as he reported to me that Dodo was going to ‘finish’ with me and wanted no more to do with me…

I’ll tell you the rest later…


‘Sickle Moon’ – X-Mal Deutschland

You wanna know the rest?

Well.  Flash told me that he ‘n’ Dodo were at the same party in Ackworth the other night.  Eventually, Dodo started getting’ off with other lads…  Flash got angry with her cos of her continuing treachery, but she told him she wanted no more to do with him.  Or me. 

Flash left early as he was raeght pissed, and so doesn’t know what happened subsequently, but he says she should be sending me a letter confirming this news.  He says I’m a stupid bastard, which hurts, but it’s probably true.  He did warn me, but I wouldn’t listen…

He thinks she’s ‘a slag’, but he still loves her.  She probably knows that he does.


As I take it, me and Dodo are o’er.  Done with.

And Flash thinks I’m a STUPID BASTARD!!

I don’t know what to think…

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NEXT TIME: ‘Andromedan alternatives…’

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