The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 21 March 1987

For the Love of Astra and Hazel

It’s about 12.30pm.

Wow!  What a jolly day.  I’m fucked off already.  For no real reason. 

Freddie says there’s a letter for me, but I haven’t seen it yet.  I hope it’s from Flash.  Knowing my luck, it’s from Dodo!  I’d rather it were Flash’s…

I hope to go up town today.  Wow!  I bet I won’t get depressed up there, will I?  Naw!  Much!

Where’s this letter?!

It’s from Flash!!!

Such is the wonder of unfolding narratives.  I’ve just been out to fill the coal buckets and you didn’t even notice.  Can’t believe it, can you?

Not a very fat letter, Flash!  But he says he IS my best mate – and I love him for it!  I leave it at that!


It’s approx 6.50pm.

‘It Doesn’t Have To Be Like That’ – Erasure

My depression has gone.  I’m sure.  I listened to ‘Bridges Burning’ by The Mission whilst reading Flash’s letter (which bodes well for the future!).  Now I feel full of confidence.  Maybe it’s listening to Erasure on the video that’s filling me with confidence?

I went up town 4 an hour and would normally have been bored, but I ‘went round’ with Astra, Hazel and Lizzie.  God, Astra and Hazel mean so much to me (just as they did last year!).  I hope Lizzie likes me also.  I really can’t tell. 

I’m trying to smile a lot.  It helps!

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