The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 28 March 1987


‘Magic Roundabout Theme’ – Alain Legrand 

widgie head smythe…

Berwin Groomstool ploughs the brown exercise book fields beyond domed gotham city where the giant bats fly. 

A long-legged starling, dick a-swingin’, lurches across the field in brand-new heels, propelled by fart power.

Ritcherd continues his lust for life … or should that be ‘death’?


And someone does.  SWOON!  BANG!


‘Never Take Me Alive’ – Spear of Destiny



How cute is the little fella, with his big floppy ears and cutesome tail?










Fuzzbox, The Cult, Cocteau Twins, Bowie, Getting The Fear, The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend, Sisters Of Mercy, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Jesus And Mary Chain, David Sylvian, Japan, Gene Loves Jezebel, Bill Nelson, Sputnik, The Mission, Love And Rockets, Shop Assistants.


‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ – Bon Jovi

Fuck you all!


Featuring Ritcherd  Winterfood

(Some Chinese characters…)

‘goodbye, Dodo…’

Jesus is Jezebel is Anarcho…

I’m tied to a giant crucifix, in my black jacket and stripy purple shirt.  My jeans are ripped and I look a bit stiff.  A giant can of BOOTS HAIR SPRAY kinks its way towards me and SQUiRT!s the hair into position.

There are squishy turds at my feet.

They might be mine.
No.  They’re not turds of shit.
They are turds of blood and chemicals, dripping from the arms of the crucifix.

Jezebel: and i really do exist…

no joke…



‘Temple of Love’ – The Sisters of Mercy

Happy Birthday, Annie Winterfood.  Sorry I ain’t sent your card yet, but it’ll get there soon.  I hope.

Why is the 12-inch of ‘Temple Of Love’ so excellent?  Why are The Sisters so great, eh?  Definitely the record of today.

In town, I bought, as follows:

Mother’s Day cards from Jack and I, chocolates, a birthday card for Annie, two exercise books. 

And I collected a BR coat from Lucille’s shop for Luggage.

BEST BUY today was a sale from the antique’s shop.  They were selling old 7-inches for 25p each.  So I purchased a Bill Nelson doublepack.  It contains: ‘Youth of Nation On Fire’, ‘Be My Dynamo’, ‘Rooms With Brittle Views’ and ‘All My Wives Were Iron’.  As I said yesterday, I’m not as big a fan of his as I was last year, but it had to be bought for 25p.  Mind you, ‘Youth of Nation On Fire’ is very good…

I’ve thus far acquired about 19 new disques in 1987.  Yo-ho-ho!

I dossed for a bit with Hazel, Lizzie and Astra.  And we spotted Tim ‘the goth’ Green and I thought, ‘What a twat!’  I asked Hazel what she meant about Flash being ‘a little further round the corner’.  She said it means ‘insane’, basically…

Hazel and I passed BMW.  Hazel said ‘I hate you’, to BMW’s face.  But I was consumed by a strange unrequieted love, especially when we saw her with Mark (who has got a face like a gorilla’s arse’s arse).

‘All Day Long’ – The Shop Assistants

I am now at home.

‘How jolly,’ you all cry.

I do not.

The phone is a-ringing.  Is it for me? I ask myself…



‘Anything’ – The Damned

It was.  It was Stan, and what a bastard he is.  He only rang up to tell me he’d been given a Love and Rockets record and a white label GLJ 12-inch.  What a bastard!!!  But I’m not jealous.  As long as it wasn’t a Sisters record.  Mind you… It was GLJ… Oh no!

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NEXT TIME: ‘A jolly day…’

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