The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 4 February 1987


‘Upside Down’ – The Jesus and Mary Chain

Early Japan is the thing!
Sylvian is the thing!
Alien Sex Fiend is the thing!
The Sisters are the thing!
Death Cult is the thing!


HOT NEWS: Roger might be coming to the Party, after all!

Tech was rather normal.  In Theatre Studies, we experimented with make-up for next week’s performance.  I did Roger up as a Goblin and he looked well wicked!

By the way, there is a story about Roger’s cousin, Wendy, that I really ought to tell…

I first saw Wendy around Tech about a week and a half ago, maybe more.  At the Tech Disco, Roger asked her if she’d dance with me.  She would have done, but she felt sick.  Later on, she told him I was ‘quite nice’.  Since then I’ve fancied her from a distance.  Today, Roger asked her what she thought of me and would she consider going out with me, which was good of him!  She said she’d let him know tomorrow.  GOD!!!

It can’t work.  She lives miles away.  I’m as old as her younger sister.  I’m penniless. 

HELP?!  Does she even fancy me?!

Roger and I were talking to Marina today.  She said to him: ‘I remember when you first started Tech; you wore faded jeans and a grey sweatshirt.’  Roger went red, and I, staring at him in his all-black splendour, promptly pissed myself laughing.  But then he said to me: ‘You can fuck off.  Once, I saw you in The Videodome in bleached jeans and an orange shirt!’  My turn to go red!

I have booked an appointment to get my hair dyed by Nyall on February 13th 1987!  Woooo!

Still no letters from Flash

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NEXT TIME: ‘Dramas and Omens…’

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