The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 2 February 1987

Looking Ahead

‘There Is Something in My House’ – Dead or Alive

Last nite, I dreamt about Flash .  He and I were sat in his attic and he told me he had sent me a letter and that it should arrive by Monday (today).  Liar!!!  It didn’t.  HOPEFULLY ONE WILL ARRIVE TOMORROW.

Today was rather uninteresting.  At Tech, I spent two hours doing a lot of homework.  And a few lessons occurred as well.  Roger and I didn’t see much of each other.  Alison has had her hair cut and she was dead sarky about it, saying she thought it’d be too ‘un-goth’ for me!  Silly Cow!  I chatted with David Brown and he says that when Nyall dyes my hair black, he can put some black extensions in for a fiver.  I can’t really afford it!

MUSIC!  I want to get further into Gene Loves Jezebel, Love and Rockets, X-Mal Deutschland, Ghost Dance and Japan.  I’m bored with some of my recent musical choices.

I ought to ring Danny Chegwin to see if he wants to come.  Oh!  Stan Flowers is still a possibility, and so is Jazz Thompson!

GOD!!!  I can’t wait till tomorrow.  I’m dying to see Hannah.  But I bet she doesn’t like me as much as I like her.  I will ask her to meet me up town again on Saturday.  But I bet she’ll say ‘No!’

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