The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 20 February 1987

So Many Girls...

‘Pearly Dewdrops Drops’ – The Cocteau Twins

As the disco finished early this morning, the two gurlie-goth sisters (Saskia and Erica Markham) stayed at The Videodome with Roger and me.  We’ve fancied them for ages.  Nothing happened, though. 

After a cramped night on The Videodome sofa with Roger, Saskia and Erica, I got back to Tech and chatted a little to Jo Jordan and her mate Polly Willis (who used to be in my Political History group) to no real avail or interest.  I also spoke to Solomon Brown, David’s brother.  Roger and I chatted about THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUTS.  Baz’s said we can stay over at The Videodome next weekend to work on a proper demo. 

‘I ought to ask Flash to come down,’ I thought.


I’m in English Lit.

Why is my life really spazzy?  Oh what do I feel about anything these days?  What do I feel about Saskia Markham and Erica Markham?  Both of them are nice girls but do I fancy either of them?  Saskia, perhaps.  She’s tough, though.  A lot of barriers.  A mask.  What do I feel about Jo Jordan (‘the little gothic’)?  Oh yes.  She’s very sharp and ‘real punk’ to look at, but her apparent disinterest in me and total interest in David Brown has put me off pursuing my affection for her.  I’m too shy to talk to her anyway.

As for Dodo, I am interested to discover if she has sent me a letter or not, as I haven’t been home.  GOD!  She is always in my head, but I ought to wait until a time comes when she is no longer with Flash before I make another move.  If there comes such a time!

As well as exploring my affections + emotions I’m also falling asleep.  In class!  THIS IS BAD!!!  I’m fucked… 


‘Notorious’ – Duran Duran

Not had much sleep. 

Worried about my views on life.

Now opening a letter from Dodo…


Oh god, Dodo.  You are beautiful.

It arrived on Thursday and was written on Wednesday.  She says that she loves me and wants me.  She can’t really express how much she feels.  She feels guilty, but can’t just drop it.  She says Flash knows that we like each other a lot.  On the party nite he had asked Chris Winford to keep an eye on us.  Apparently, Chris reported that nothing had happened.  A few of Dodo’s friends had also noticed our intimacy, but didn’t say much.  When I had gone on Sunday, Flash went to hers and told her how much he thought of her, which made her feel bad.  She too feels that life is bloody complicated.


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NEXT TIME: ‘Rooms with brittle views…’

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