The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 21 February 1987

Rooms with Brittle Views

Approx 11.52am.

‘Rooms with Brittle Views’ – Bill Nelson

It’s been a raeght hectic week.

Daphne (the family friend who’s been staying with us since her marriage went bust) is moving out today and … oh!  Fuck…I’ll tell you later, okay?!

Approx 11pm.

‘Ziggy Stardust’ – David Bowie

I helped the family transport all Daphne’s stuff to her new flat in Wisbech, then I went into town and met Jazz Thompson (who was recently charged with shoplifting by the police). 
We did FECK all.

When I got home, Stan Flowers rang and asked me round to his house for a get-together.  So here I am.  I’ve been drinking a fair bit of home brew.  The get-together involved me, Stan, his brother Russell and Sadie Woolf.  We drank and listened to a few discs.  At about 10.15pm, we rang Flash and he told me that he’d finally finished with Dodo on Thursday (the day after she’d written my letter!) – but not due to me!  The secret is still safe!  It was all due to their constant disagreements, but he said to me: ‘Don’t worry.  You can still see her when you come.’ 

I’m off to his on Friday nite, hopefully.  He now has a new girlfriend called Vicky.  Quick work!  He was also beaten up in Wakefield today!  DRASTIC OR WHAT?  To cap it all, his dad (who moved out months ago) is trying to divorce his mum!

As we rang off, I decided to ring Dodo.  Her mum answered and told me Dodo was in bed.  I think Mrs Layne is rather suspicious of my motives, so I chatted for a bit and we started to get on well considering I hardly know her.  She says I can ring Dodo tomorrow.

So here I am.  It is 11.09pm and Flash is writing to me.  I am off to watch Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence on the video now.

See ya!

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