The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 13 February 1987

Purple Streaks

1 day to go!  AAAAAARGH!



‘A Foreign Place’ – Japan

So.  Goodbye to my blond locks of hair.  And let’s welcome the black stuff.  Unless it goes wrong (please, no!).  Let me have a nice happy day.  And don’t let me have to pay for my hair…

6pm approx.

‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ – Japan

Today was okay, because it breezed by, but – bastard-shit-piss-wank – I couldn’t have my hair dyed black as I hadn’t had the skin test.  So I had a skin test and Nyall put a few purple highlights in my hair.  So now it looks a fairly shit burgundy (?) colour, which I am not raeght chuffed with.  But I’ll dye it black next Friday if the test is positive.  Hopefully.

Well, not long till the PAHTEY.  Hopefully, I’ll be setting off for Doncaster between 1.30pm and 3.30pm.  I CAN NOT WAIT.  And shit!, cosI bought Dodo a Val’s card and I’ve left it in mine ‘n’ Roger’s locker at Tech.  So I’ll have to give her two cards.

I may or may not see you later…

11.20pm approx.

‘Adolescent Sex’ – Japan


This e’ening, cos I was raeght bored, I purposely went with Jack to what turned out to be a shaeght disco at the Hudson Sports Centre.  It was toss and full of raeght tidgy casuals.  It was babber.  At least it’ll help me appreciate Flash’s pahtey tomorrow.  So.  I now leave you. 


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NEXT TIME: ‘All tomorrow’s parties…’

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