The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 8 February 1987

Parent Crap


‘Bodies’ – The Sex Pistols

I am pissed orf!  Raeght pissed orf!  Betty is, basically, a cow!  She has decided she is going to clear my bedroom out because she reckons it’s untidy.  I don’t.  But she persists.  I said it was tidy enough for me, but apparently that isn’t the point.  It is her house, she says.  Why didn’t I leave two weeks ago?  Could’ve been good!  If she persists in being a difficult bitch, who knows what’ll develop!  Remember when I asked her about that £30 of mine that is in her possession?  (You probably don’t)  I asked her if I could have £13 of it.  She said, ‘No, you can earn it and still have the £30.’  How can I earn £13 in 6 days?!  When it comes to Friday and I say to her, Can I borrow £13 and pay you it back (i.e. earn it when I get back)?, she won’t allow it.  So, kids, any money on it that I won’t get to Flash’s party on Saturday.  Any money.


Approx 6.45pm.

‘Hit’ – The Jesus and Mary Chain

May I just take this opportunity to say I’ve absolutely no idea why I take any interest in my ‘parents’ whatsoever.  Cos they’re so shaight!  Betty is now babbling on about how the family should all co-exist, etc, all cos I made them a pot of tea and then went into my bedroom, so they had to pour it themselves.  Tut!

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