The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 10 February 1987

The Future's so Bright

‘The Future’s So Bright’ – Timbuk 3

I cannot waeght teel the parteh! 


College was jyp; Wendy and I sensibly decided to call off our ‘relationship’ until we know each other better; a two minute ‘romance’.   

Roger and Nyall are doing a gig at the alternative disco at Pimm’s in a couple of weeks.  They’ve asked me to sing!

After Tech, I went to Tina Montgomery’s for tea, and we chatted about stuff. 

I saw Stan Flowers / Lampwick today.  On the 14th, the only train from Peterboro’ to Wakefield he can catch is the 7.30pm which arrives at 9pm.  He’s a little worried about transport from Wakefield to Pontefract, so he’s invited a girl from Rotherham who may transport him.

‘Never Understand’ – The Jesus and Mary Chain

I discovered the lyrics to The Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘Never Understand’ in an old Smash Hits and it’s made me freak on that song again.  I am also obsessed with the ess foto of the dead moody Chain.

When I got home, Betty said it’d be okay if I did my money earning AFTER I return from the party.  Entering my room, I was surprised to discover a letter from Flash and Dodo.  They’re ace!  And both of ‘em are gorgeous and sexy and I love ‘em to death.  I sent a letter to Flash today, but it was written on Friday, so I’m writing a new one to post tomorrow.  Oh!  And another one as well, as I’ve just heard I’m allowed to go on Friday, so I’m posting another note…

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NEXT TIME: ‘Plop the baby owl…’

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