The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 12 February 1987

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

My No.1: ‘Fall (John Peel Session)’ – The Jesus and Mary Chain


‘NNNGLLLGGKKLLGGLLKKKGGHHNNAIII!!!’ said Jez, awaiting the best (gang) bang since the BIG One.

It is, of course, 7.34am, and I think today is going to be shaeght! 


Dunno.  I’ve just got this feeling. 

Apart from that, last nite, lots o’ TS students went to see The Cabinet of Dr Caligari at the Fermoy Centre. 

I wanted to go, but didn’t want to impose any extra expenses / tasks on my parents’ backs as they are letting me go to the Pahtey and I don’t want to ruin my chances of getting there.  But today the YAC (who did last nite’s play) are doing a workshop, which I’m off to.  But I’m sure I’ll feel rather left out.


‘I Second That Emotion’ – Japan

It’s 7.40pm and I have had a great day.  And I’m more excited about the Pahtey than ever.

With our TS group, I went to the Fermoy Centre for the workshop with the Yorkshire Actors Company.  With them, we did a piece of devising to some of Bill Nelson’s music.  The Actors are: Alan Caig, Andrew Golightly, Hilary Lyons, Jonathan Kernan and Martin Wagner, with Andrew Winters, Phili Josephs and Clare Scherer.  I got on really well with a lot of them and I asked them for a signed photo.  I asked for their autographs to go with the Bill Nelson soundtrack album (should I ever get hold of a copy!), which should make it more valuable.  They searched high and low and signed one for me, as well as giving me a programme.  Free of charge.

Tonight, Stan Flowers rang.  He has arranged to go to Wakefield and will catch a bus at 9.30pm on Saturday so I can meet him Pontefract.


Not much later.

‘Flesh and Steel’ – SPK

Following this, Flash rang.  He was very excited at the idea of Stan coming.  THANK GOD!  And he can’t wait to see me.  I spoke to Dodo and she was all nice, etc., but was probably fed up with me as I sounded raeght fucked off.  She hasn’t yet opened the pervy letter I sent her.

I rang Stan back and told him to go to Doncaster, as it will be cheaper.  He should then catch a bus to Ponty, where I will meet him.

I’m listening to SPK right now, and they’re quyte interesting.



I bet it goes wrong cos it’s FRIDAY 13th tomorrow.  Yach!


Approx 11pm.

‘Shoplifters of the World’ – The Smiths

As Friday 13 looms ever closer, I get this really ‘heavy’ feeling that tomorrow I’m going to find myself in deep shaeght for skivin’ lessons.  Hope not!  We’ll see.  Please, no!

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