The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 27 January 1987


‘Cosmic Dancer’ – T Rex

Bella lent me an excellent cassette today, featuring some amahzingly rare versions of Bolan tracks, the best of which are ‘Deborah’, ‘Scenes Of’, ‘London Boys’, ‘Ride A White Swan’ and ‘Celebrate Summer’.  It is absolutely excellent and also features David Bowie doing a bit of jamming with Bolan himself.

Chanced a copy of Smash Hits because The Mission and Siouxsie and the Banshees were in it, but all the other stuff was the usual trendy teen crap.  Even Black Type wasn’t as fun as it used to be, because I’m no longer involved with the ‘young’ groups it has a laugh at.

Today I had an awful attack of (probably awful) lyrics.  Two songs in about two minutes!  I think I’ve got some kind of spiritual ghost-writer or whatever it is.  I also started my letter to Flash, with some contributions from some of my ‘mates’.

And at home…




She’s always fucking me about.  This time it’s about going to Flash’s.  Just as last year, I’ve got to help around the house to earn the train fayre.  Oh, well!

At the Angles Theatre we were supposed to be having a party, but Tina Montgomery decided we shouldn’t as there was an A-level class in the first floor studio.  Eventually, after much persuasion, she let us have a 45 minute party. 

COR!!!  WOAH! 

I drank as much as I could in that time, and, luckily, not many people had brought records, except Stan Flowers, Danny Oliver and me.  So the music mainly consisted of Bauhaus, Cure, Smiths, Japan, etc. 
As ‘Ghosts’ was played, I discovered that Hannah and I had a mutual interest: Sylvian, Sakamoto, Japan, etc.  She asked me to do her a tape, so I’ve arranged to meet her on Saturday in Wisbech.  I think she’s really sweet and gorgeous, y’know?!

Following the dead short ‘party’, we did some improvisation and ours was posthumously entitled Shitty-Shitty-Bonk-Bonk.  It was a doss.  And a raight layarffe!


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NEXT TIME: ‘The President’s Ball…’

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