The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 28 January 1987

The President's Ball

‘The Yo-Yo Dine’ – Bill Nelson

I completed Flash’s letter and posted it.  The day was quite a blooerdierhy dooess.  Tech for the Stinky Shaight doesn’t change, does it?!


Eventually, college finished and Roger and I stayed behind waiting for the Tech Disco to start.  We went to Sainsbury’s and bought some raight sickly Macaroons.  They were gam, and we washed ‘em down wi’ a bottle o’ Cider!!!  SPLASH!  GULP!  PISS!  Then duh making-up starf was aerpliercahted to our fairces!  After meeting Nyall, we went to the Wenns pub.  A girl I don’t know – but I think she’s called Linda and she’s a mate of Roger’s cousin Wendy – bought us some drinks, and then we went to YE OLDE ‘PRESIDENT’S BALL’.  Savage!  I got in free thru’ some wheeling and dealing, and dat lass bought us some drink again. 

Disco was good.  Lots of alternative music.  Pissed up.  Didn’t pull owt this evening, but Roger asked his cousin Wendy if she’d dance a slow dance with me.  She said she would have done, but she’d drunk too much and felt sick!

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