The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 21 January 1987

Omitted Jesus

‘Souvenir’ – OMD

Today, I rehearsed for Plop the Owl at Tech.  I also chatted to Bella Murphy, and she’s bringing me a T Rex LP tomorrow. 

On the bus home, Claire Stubbs kept showing me her legs and asking me if I think she’s attractive.  How strange!

Tonight, I had tea at Mrs Montgomery’s, before going to the Angles for the final performance of Do We Come Here Often?  It went well and my family (and Daphne) enjoyed it.

From the ‘programme’…

CAST LIST – In alphabetic order

Rhoda Baker – Mrs Beamish,
John Bovis – Beamish
Sarah Davis – alchemist
Russell Flowers – Josh Newman
Stan Flowers – Tom Clarke
Alison Ford – Paul’s wife
Mitzi Furst – Mrs Clarke
Jo Gregg – Mrs Newman
Hannah Holm – Betsy Newman
Andrew Joy – mill worker
David Maiden – Jack Clarke
Danny Oliver – John
Rod Oliver – miner

Rachel Higgs – stage manager

(Ritch’s notes: Rhoda Baker is Rachel Baker’s younger sister and Russell Flowers is Stan’s brother.  Oh, and you may notice that even though I play the main ‘Jesus’ character, I’m not even mentioned in the cast list!)

Information on the Construction of our Play

What you see is a piece of ‘group created theatre’.  That is to say that we began with an idea which we found arresting; we discussed it, improvised around it and subsequent ideas which arose out of our work together.  We researched the periods of history we are dealing with to gain knowledge and experience.  Characters emerged and developed.
We used what we learned to build further improvised situations.  We made decisions on what we wished to jettison or retain.  We carefully considered what we wanted you to think about.

Only then were we able to form a script.

It is our play – we hope it interests you. 

Fact time: Hannah once auditioned for a part in the TV series Return of the Antelope and was in the final four.  She’s lovely.  So is Wanda.  So is Roger! 

I feel pleased right now.




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NEXT TIME: ‘Bella Murphy…’

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