The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 10 January 1987

A New Alternative Age

It is approx 9pm…?

… I’m not really sure…

I’m listening to David Bowie’s Low album.

And so, it fucking well snowed today.  A damn sight more than it did at Christmas!  I went into Wisbech, which wasn’t really all that interesting.  No, siree.  I bumped into that bloke who lent me his Meteors album last year.  He has since left Tech, but he said I could keep the album!!!  I also had an attack of lyrics and had to buy a pen and a notepad to get them down.

Eventually, I came home and attempted to dye my hair black, but it’s gone a stupid grey/pink colour cos I did it wrong.  Waste of money!!!

Anyway, back to the lyrics and stuff.  It’s all part of the new optimistic Ritcherd Winterfood (alias JEZ DeCARLO of THE DEAD DEAD).  My despairing mind has somehow, with no effort from me, subconsciously pulled itself from the Pit.  This probably has something to do with last week in KINGSBURGER, when I wrote my latest song.  It’s about my gloomy Christmas experience and my thanks to Flash and Dodo for pulling me out of it.  Since I wrote that, I haven’t been feeling so low.  My mind has discarded its troubles and I’ve begun to concentrate on new ideals.

This is the new me. 

And I want to be the first artist of a New Alternative Age. 

In the near future, I intend to pursue photography, experimental theatre, prose writing and illustration.  The past is an old persona’s business.  Mine is to strive onward and believe in my talents.  I have a new life ahead of me.  This might sound stupid, but I heard a voice talking to me as I did the washing up.  It told me that I could become a big, famous personality.  Needless to say, I believed it.



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