The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 16 January 1987


'Double Dare' – Bauhaus

So.  I set off for Tech, and my college bus didn’t arrive, so I caught the service bus into King’s Lynn.  In King’s Lynn, I went into Andy’s Records and purchased the 2 record 7-inch box-set of The Mission’s ‘Wasteland’ (which has, incidentally, entered the Gallup Chart at 24!). 
I then zoomed to Tech, but it was all shut.  AARYAARDAR take such a journey and it dares to be shut.  So, I returned to Andy’s Records to tell Tia Purdey (she works there) that Tech was shut, and she gave me Sadie’s phone number.  I went off to KINGSBURGER, where I was horrified to discover my Mission box-set only contained one single, so I made yet another trip to Andy’s where Trudy gave me a different box (No. 3705).

In Kingsburger I completed my song about my doomy Christmas and my enlightened transition to happiness and fulfilment.  It’s definitely called ‘Haupstrasse Reflections’.

Feeling totally Fecked off, I returned to Wisbech and rang Sadie, who I don’t think likes me as much as I like her.  Y’see, she told me she was addicted to an old boyfriend who’s just returned from the Navy.  Apparently, he’s a ‘hunk’ and he took her out a lot at the weekend – whilst she wore MY coat.  Oh why?  Perhaps it’s for the better that she’s not addicted to me.  I’m just a spotty mass. 

But it’s just water off a duck’s back, is it not, JEZ?! 

Sadie and I arranged to write to each other.  God knows why!  But we said we’d write this afternoon.  I’ve got her phone number and her address.  She lives on Church Road in in TerringtonSt John.

Following that costly phone call, I went to ANDREWS and wasted more money on tea.

On my way to catch a bus to home, I was struck by an aggressively hard and utterly malicious snowball from a twat who used to go to my school, but in the year below me.  So much for Jez’s benign influence, because I hit said person in his shitty little head.  Then his mates – four of them – decided to ‘get me’.  One of them threw a punch at me, but I jumped out of the way and he fell into the slush.  Then lots of shoppers and old people surrounded the ‘lads’ and told them off, because four against one is unfair.  In the confusion, I slipped off to the Bus Station.

In the Bus Station waiting room, a young woman sat down.  She was absolutely beautiful.  By my standards.  Probably not the standards of some dude trendy.  Our eyes met a few times, and, god!, did I want to tell her she was gorgeous and that she turned me on.  Alas, I returned to Wisbech St Mary and she got on the King’s Lynn bus.  Our paths must cross again!

At home, with a tuff, fecking toothache, I wrote a letter to Sadie, slightly mentioning my affection for her (as well as a load of old crap).  I took it out and posted it.  When will it reach her?  When will hers reach me?

The Mission were brilliantly on The Tube today. 
Groove or what?

Well, rehearsal tomorrow, chids.  I’m off to bed soon.

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NEXT TIME: ‘A letter from Sadie…’

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