The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 17 January 1987

A Letter from Sadie (1987 Remix)

‘The Crystal Ocean’ – The Mission

I awoke today at 7.30am, awaiting the arrival of Sadie’s letter.  Alas, it hadn’t arrived by the time I had to leave.

In Wisbech, I learnt my lines in BURGER ME.  After this, I wandered around town, talking to Kate from Tech (a very nice girl who sent me a Christmas card).  After bumping into Jarvis Worlledge, I went to my rehearsal which was okay in some places and shate in others.

After the rehearsal, I wandered around Wisbech, chatting to Hazel Church and Astra Trellis.  The main topic of conversation was The Mission. 
We saw BMW from a distance and Hazel fought with herself not to say anything nasty about Ms Wasp.

On my arrival at home, I opened the letter from Sadie, which had arrived in my absence.  It was written in blue ink on pink notepaper, whilst she was listening to a ‘really quite good’ tape of FGTH. 

‘Dearest Ritcherd, Hi, how are you?’
She couldn’t ‘think of anything witty or interesting to write’ so its content was a lot of trivia concerning photos from the school leaving party (she hasn’t had hers developed yet), the Fifth Year at school (‘the good ol’ school days in the Maths room’) and my coat (‘in good hands (and on a good body!!!) so there’s no need to worry’). 

Her money situation is ‘naff at the moment’. 

She also asks if I could compile a list of what is on the Mission tape I did her, as she doesn’t know what the songs are called. 

She says she’ll see me on Monday at Tech ‘unless we’re snowed in again’.  She ends with ‘lots of love + cuddles’ and signs off as ‘(sexy, smelly) Sadie xx’.

I feel so stupid now.  My letter must seem a raight spazzy piece of Jeeofferah!  God.  I bet she thinks I’m a real dork.  Well, that’s our friendship fecked ep for a start.  Why am I such a twonk?  Oh God.  My letter!  HELP!  Sorry, Sadie.

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