The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 25 January 1987

He's Leaving Home (Again)

It is sunday I’m not really sure of the date – Excuse all this


shit writing but due to events that i shall explain later, I have just [tear-stain] been told to pack my suitcase and leave home by my parents


so I’m just packing

and I’m


Later on

‘Rip-Off’ – T Rex

I suppose you want to know what happened, eh? 

Well, Freddie and I had a big argument and a fight over my family status and I was thrown out.  

Usual sort of thing, really. 

My ‘parents’ had a go about me not ‘pulling my weight’ in the house.  Today’s example being that I had stayed in bed till 1pm, whilst Freddie had done ‘my’ jobs.  Why didn’t he get me up, then?  He used to, when he still liked me!  Anyway, an argument ensued and Freddie and me got to braying each other before he told me to pack my bags. 

So I did! 

I intended going to Pontefract to escape the evil wrath of Blackberry Narrow, but Betty sort of told me I didn’t have to go.  And after much consideration, leaving didn’t make any real sense.  The whole thing blew over in a couple of hours.  So here I am.  At home, still.  Boring, eh?

Last of the Summer Wine was good tonight.

Today was a bit like 1985!


‘Joan of Arc’ – OMD

Aunty Liz rang tonight and apparently Vicky (my cousin) has been invited to Flash’s party on the 14th of Feb.  I asked Vicky to tell Dodo (as they sit together in English, or something) to tell Flash to ring me. 

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NEXT TIME: ‘Party plans…’

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