The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 1 January 1987

Haupstrasse Reflections?




the direct sequel to 1986: the Year of the Tiger/the 1980 Kicks Show.


Featuring Ritcherd Winterfood

‘A new beginning?

Or a cowardly end?

January will decide…’




My No.1: ‘Stay With Me (Extended Mix)’ – The Mission

(Poetry in motion…)

Lively madness burns in my desolate heart, destroying all my love with hate; destroying all my hopes and wishes.  The future holds a new world that I cannot play a part in.  I hope for a new world of goodness, in which my memory can live.  For now, Death and Time walk alongside me, teaching me to despise.  Will there be more good times before the funeral of my youth?  Before my depressed heart deflates?  Oh, why?!  From the cradle toward the grave, I have been directed.  My heart was mine, but love stole it; all my love.

There are beautiful ones in this world.  Especially Dodo and the Man himself.  I love them. xxx.

Well, chids, what will 1987 hold in store for Ritcherd WINTERfood?  As far as I can see it: doom, despair, awful problems, one hell of a family hassle over my future in college and lots of very deep shit.  But right now, I want to forget that and attempt to cheer myself up.

The last record I heard in 1986 was ‘Stay With Me’ by The Mission.

The first record I heard in 1987 was ‘Hang Onto Yourself’ by David Bowie.

Early this morning, at 12am, Flash and I saw the New Year in together – for the first time – at his home, Gordon Villas in Pontefract.  It’s the first time I’ve ever spent the New Year away from my parents and I must say it was quite refreshing.

Flash is really going to miss that huge house when he moves to Nevison this year and I can understand his feelings.

Notable by her absence at our ‘New Year’s Bash’ was Dodo (alias Joanne) Layne, Flash’s girlfriend), who spent the New Year in Lincoln.  Flash really missed her, and I don’t blame him.  She’s a nice girl.

At around 2.30am, we decided to call it a night.  This was after we had watched Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, which was rather brown and boring (and do I really think Angie Bowie is sexy?!).

I awoke at 1pm today, following a rather uneventful sleep.  Flash and I proceeded to tidy up his attic, as we’d totally vandalised it last night.  After a light lunch we visited my Aunty Vi (for the last time this Christmas) and then my Grandma and Granddad Pritchard.  They said I was their favourite grandson.

Flash and I decided to visit Manda Jones, to see if he could get his necklace back – which he wears in honour of the Dodo herself.  Flash loves Dodo so much and I hope she realises that.  They are so good for each other.

‘Dancing Barefoot’ – The Mission

As for Jen and me, I think Gaby and Sarah were right.  They said our relationship would go on till we didn’t know where we were, and I don’t think we do!  I mean, she’s got two boyfriends – the best of both worlds!  Flash said that if he was in my position he wouldn’t be able to stand it unless he’d been through a lot with her and there was something special between them.  Then I had to think: what have Jen and I REALLY got?!  There’s my original ‘devotion’, but I don’t feel that very much right now.  Then there’s Jen’s claim that she doesn’t want to lose me, but does she really mean that?!

Nothing sexual happens between Jen and me.  Not much happens in normal, everyday ‘petting’ either.  I don’t think I’ve really kissed her all that much.  And she’s so bloody distant and evasive.  Why?!  How many days has our relationship gone on for now?!  51 days of a relationship.  Why is it so lifeless?

Flash has helped me decide as to whether there is any future with Jenny Taylor, and it seems there isn’t.  In conversation with him, I began to wonder why I bother with her.  Maybe I should throw the towel in, or at least seriously discuss my position with Jen!  I think I ought to begin a search for affection elsewhere.  Flash seemed to think that was a good idea.

Anyway, Manda wasn’t in.  To Flash’s annoyance.  I hope (and I think he does, too) that he doesn’t get ‘mixed-up’ with Manda again.  He’s immensely better off with Dodo.  There’s something about them, and when they were together with me, it lifted my spirits no end.  As did Matthew, I suppose.


I’ll miss being with Flash and Dodo: my contemporaries and two of the people I love most on this planet.  The past few days with them have been great.  Even though I often felt a little left out, Dodo and Flash made me happy and quite often took me out of myself.  Being able to walk around Pontefract in eye liner and black clothes with them was great, as that town is so bloody ‘Casual’.  I feel an over-riding happiness for Flash and Dodo, and their love.  I love being in the here and now with them, and they make me feel great. 

Flash and I returned to Gordon Villas where I packed all mys stuff and said my goodbyes to him and his parents, Gerry and Gerald.  I hope they all patch up their problems and have a better 1987 than I’m going to have!  Wonder what my stars say?  And so, I left – picked up by my Granddad Winterfood.

This evening, I went to see my great-grandparents, the Sugdens, who were still surprised by the fact that I was wearing eye make-up.  I also went to see Louise and Kev (my aunt + uncle).  I was glad to talk with Kev about last night’s ‘Ziggy’ concert.

And here I sit.  In bed, at approx 11pm.  So, this is 1987, is it?!

Hopefully, tomorrow – although I’m not sure of what time – I’ll be going to my Dad and Annie’s to stay the night.  I hope I don’t feel as uncomfortable as I did when Flash came with me on our trip to Leeds in November. 

On Saturday (the day I return home, to my fate!), I hope to see Flash again, very early, so we can go to Leeds for the opening of a new shop called The Alternative Store. 

Radio Aire DJ, James Whale, will be opening it.  I hope I can make it, because I’d like to see Flash again.  I’ll miss him like hell when I go home.

With any money I have left from Christmas, and £100, which will be sent by my grandparents in February, I hope to build up some train fayre for 14th February.  Flash is having a Valentine’s Day party – the last party to be held in Gordon Villas before he moves.  I’m invited, along with Dodo and a few unspecified others, BUT… if I can get some people up there from Tech, they can go also!  Anyway, I can hardly wait, because it means I’ll see Flash and Dodo again!

I think this visit is the best I’ve ever had to Yorkshire, mainly thanks to Flash, Dodo and Matthew.  I’ll never forget it. 

Actually, I don’t feel as pissed off right now, and I’m trying not to see my report as a major concern.  I’m trying to remain as positive as possible.  This year, that is my aim: to remain positive and make no more stupid mistakes.  So, very obviously, I will be considering my relationship with Jenny very much.  Jen has probably considered it all very deeply and has probably decided to let me go, therefore I must rethink my position.  Let It Be?  Or Stay With Me? 

One day, all this mood-inducing worry will be over…

HELLO, 1987!!!  Are you welcome?

I feel complete.  But I still want to scream, because I know that soon I will disconnect and fall to pieces when reality hits me.  We’ll see.  We’ll see…

Most Influential Records of ’86 Department

12-inch:  ‘Serpent’s Kiss’ by The Mission

LP:         Aladdin Sane by David Bowie

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