The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 19 January 1987


‘Brand New Moon’ – Gene Loves Jezebel

I suppose today was a little bit interesting.  I think. 

I didn’t go to my Tutorial this morning, because I couldn’t be arsed.  I went up town with Sarah George and we spent a lot of time in KINGSBURGER and then THE VIDEODOME, where I saw Jen for the first time in yonks! 

We didn’t say much, but that figgers, really.  From a distance I saw Noreen Lambert, who I haven’t seen for ages.  I also went and bought the new Siouxsie and the Banshees 7-inch, ‘This Wheel’s On Fire’. 
It is ace, but my copy jumps, y’basterd!!!

I wondered about many things today: about the foundations of mine and Jen’s relationship; the problems I faced when going out with Alison; the fact that if BMW walked thru the door and said ‘Will you go out with me?’ I’d say ‘yes’ immediately…

But then I suppose I’m a rather odd person.

I finally saw Sadie today, but she didn’t say much.  She told me she had received my letter, and said she had written a reply for me.  Alas, she had forgotten it, but said she’d bring it tomorrow.  In the afternoon, I saw Tia Purdey, who asked me if I fancy Sadie.  I told her that although outwardly my affections are purely platonic, my inner affections run deep and have done since October 1983.  At afternoon break, I saw Sadie again.  We didn’t say much, but talked about The Mission and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

On the bus home, I saw Monica who wasn’t on this morning.  She now goes out with some guy called Tony, but she says I’m still her number one.  Jokingly, I suppose.  Could she ever mean it?

‘Something Always Happens’ – The Art of Noise

After much consideration this afternoon, I have decided that my affections for Sadie and Monica are senseless, spurious and abstracted.  There is no sense in pursuing a love for either of them and I ought to face the facts: these relationships are just distinctly good friendships.  Neither of them could ever love me, and my mind just twists all this stuff to its own evil ends!

Tonight, we had our penultimate rehearsal for the Trianglia production of Do We Come Here Often? It went okay, except for people fluffing lines or Tina Montgomery giving me the wrong directions (she apologised).  It’s surprising how much of the play was my idea (i.e. the basic plot and the title).  Jarvis Worlledge came to watch and he was quite impressed.  Good. All in all, I’d say it was extremely successful. 

Afterwards, I sat and chatted with one of the cast members: a girl called Hannah, from the Grammar School.  She is fifteen.  We had a good chat and I like her a lot.  A good deal, in fact.  She knows of BMW and all that trash, and I reckon if I were to ask anybody out, it’d be Hannah.  She’s dead sweet.  I hope she likes me as much as I like her.  She’s got some of her Mock Exams tomorrow, so I wish her good luck.

‘Mr Magnetism Himself’ – Bill Nelson

So, here I am.  At home.  Ready for bed and all that.  Tomorrow, I intend to go to Tech until 12pm, and then down to Jarvis’s.  Because it’s not really on, in my opinion; to not have time to relax and psyche up to a performance.  I can’t wait to do it, cos I want to see Hannah.

Things to mention:

Tim Salford (my old mate from September) now goes out with Gaby (in secret!).

Danny Oliver.  Danny and I are the ‘principals’ in the Trianglia production.  I thought I’d better mention him, cos he’s a good lad and a laugh.

Well, it’s about 10.45ish.  Really, I’ve absolutely no idea what time it is and I don’t particularly care.  Do you, Santa who has just popped by for a fag?

Cock up yoh ass

doing a piss!

Oh.  Very nice, Mr Christmas.

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NEXT TIME: ‘Performance…’

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