The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 20 January 1987

Do We Come Here Often?

‘John, I’m Only Dancing’ – David Bowie

I received a letter from Sadie (written in turquoise ink on notebook paper). 

‘Dear Ritcherd ,

Hi, I just thought that I would write you a short note (hence the rather ‘notish’ paper!) as I am totally bored and writing seems to be the only means of communication I seem to have with the world during the ‘Big Freeze’, which I find is a load of ca-ca!’

She received my ‘brill letter’ that morning (it only took 18 hours to get to her!), but she was ‘quite surprised to find the contents of the letter very formal and serious!’  She didn’t mind though as I’d praised her ‘intelligence and dashing good looks (what modesty!)’

‘BUT!! (Yes, there’s always a ‘but’ in letters concerning me and a member of the opposite sex!)’

She says she really likes me, but ‘any sort of serious’ relationship between us would probably ruin the ‘caring, friendly, joyous, weird (?), exciting (?)’ friendship we have built over the last three and a half years.  She doesn’t want to sound ‘heavy’, but she had the same ‘trouble’ with Stan Flowers in the 4th Year:

‘…and now we hardly speak, which I don’t want to happen between me + you, as I like our friendship the way it is – friendly.’

Being very different personalities/ ‘completely different people outside of Tech’, she believes a relationship would collapse.  She’s right.  This is because I’m ‘weird’ and she would rather be strutting her funky stuff at a night-club with her trendy friends!  She can’t imagine me dancing to Atlantic Starr and Luther Vandross and she bets I can’t imagine her at a Mission gig (‘I love the music, but it’s not really my scene’).  She says she’s still my friend and will still meet up with me and go up town with me and all that stuff (‘and probably come up to your neck of the woods to see you.  Well, that’s if you want me to…’). 

So that’s over.  Even though it never really started.

‘I suppose you want your coat back now!?’

She signs off with ‘lots of love’ and three kisses.

When I arrived at Tech I was uptight, because I wanted to relax and prepare myself for this evening’s performance.

I got chatting to a gothic called Dave Brown who was quite impressed with my Northern pedigree and has given me a new name for Leeds: GOTHAM CITY.  We got on well.

Roger and I went into King’s Lynn.  As usual, we just pissed ourselves laughing at everything that happened and talked to each other with our mouths packed full of chocolate chip cookies.  I don’t think I’ve laughed so much since I was at Flash’s.  In Lynn, I bought a new set of bangles and a new brooch.  My £50 is now almost non-existent.

‘Helter Skelter’ – The Beatles

Eventually, at about 12.10pm, I went to Jarvis Worlledge’s house.  He made me a curry and we watched The Sword and the Sorcerer on the video. 

Afterwards, we indulged in a game of Trivial Pursuits and a few cans of Heineken.

Later on, I had tea at Mrs Montgomery’s and then we went to the Angles Theatre for the dress rehearsal of Do We Come Here Often?, which was really shit!  But when we did the first official performance, it was brilliant!  Tickets were £1.

From the Angles Theatre (‘Arts for Hereward Country…’) Spring 1987 brochure:


Youth Drama Workshop



An ambitious and thought-provoking first play by the Angles’ new youth group.  Created through extensive research and improvisation, the play makes a series of timeless statements about social change – its cost, its agitators – have you seen them somewhere before?  Would you recognise them if you had?

Directed by Tina Montgomery

What esteemed company are we keeping? 

Well, Michael Palin launched the new Angles Film Club on the 9th January; Theatre Of Poland present Count Rakowsky and the Zagrobki Mime Troupe by Michael Wicherek this Friday; Nola Rae and John Mowat perform Shakespeare: The Works on the 28th; Angles Theatre Company are doing Home by David Storey over the first two weekends of February, Boeing Boeing over the first fortnight of March, and Sweet Charity in April; Fusion and Kaboodle are doing Rasputin: The Forbidden Story on February 18th; Evan Parker and Barry Guy are Together In Concert on February 27th; there’s the Eighth Annual Festival Of Youth Music & Drama over the last two weeks of March; and Lip Service present Girls In Orbit on the 27th.  Okay, culture lovers?

Afterwards, I chatted with Danny, Alison, and Wanda from Tech (who came to see the amahzing Trianglia performance).  Hannah spoke to me for a while.  Alison told her that I think she’s dead sweet.  How embarrassing!  After Danny had gone, Jarvis joined us.  I got slightly tipsy and went for a walk with Wanda in the dark.  Feeling mixed-up, I told her of my deep admiration and affection for Flash, my friendship with Dodo, and how I feel isolated from them all.  She told me I am a very nice person, and that she’s never felt this close to any boy before this…

At home, I accidentally trapped Betty’s toe under the fridge door and I felt really, really guilty.  She just went ballistic at me, though, like I’d done it on purpose.  Why don’t we get on with each other?!

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NEXT TIME: ‘Final performance…’

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