The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 13 January 1987


‘Desire’ – Gene Loves Jezebel


Yes.  It DID snow today!

I, as usual, set of for Technical Collage for the Dead Arty and Dossers (or Both at Once).  I reached my bus stop in Wisbech, where I stood in the billowing, fer-uckin’, fer-eezin’ snow.  At 8.15am I was picked up by the Tech bus, which had about five people on it.  Oh, wow!  Eventually, Susan Wheeler, a casual friend of mine (not casual as in ‘TRENDY’, but as in ‘an acquaintance’) with whom I used to often walk to school, got on the bus and we chatted.  As we reached Tech, the bus was told to turn back and drop us all off at our stops.  Susan and I chose to get off at Tech and went into King’s Lynn as there was Fech all else for us to do.

We sat in KINGSBURGER, absolutely fer-ruckin-reezin’.  Eventually, we boogahed off to Andy’s Records, where I purchased two GENE LOVES JEZEBEL LPs: Discover and Glad to Be Alive. 
Feeling well cheffed ep with mysen, I followed Susan to Top Shop where she purchased a coat.  The snow hadn’t stopped all day and again, we found ourselves fer-ruckin’-reezin’, so we returned to KINGSBURGER.  Here, we chatted and got along well.

If you don’t know who Susan Wheeler is, I’m pretty sure I mentioned her in my 1985 Diary.  She went to Wetlands High School and was in my year.  When Matt Bacon, Daphne’s step-son, came to live at The King Arthur, he went out with her.  Well, he doesn’t now!!!  I thought they were together forever.  I got off with her step-sister once, at Skating.  So that’s Susan Wheeler.

Back to today.  I returned with Susan to her house in West Walton and she made us some toast and we watched RAINBOW. 
She then back-combed my hair for me and gave me loads of make-up.  That was really good of her and she’s very sweet.

At about 12.30pm, we caught a bus into Wisbech, where we dossed around being absolutely spunked on by the snow.  We sat and chatted in various cafes until she went home at 3pm.  I went and sat in Lucille’s shop and then BURGER ME, before meeting Freddie at 5pm to be taken home.  What an extremely cold doss!

I am not off to Tech tomorrow.  Santa has this to say about it all…

‘You feckin’

you nicked my


reindeer… I saw

you shaggin’ it!’

Erm.  Yes, Santa, the less said about that the better.

So here I am at home.  Listening to my new albums, and they’re quite ace.  I think it’s still snowing, also!  Tina Montgomery has just rung me to find out why I’m not at the rehearsal this evening; I mean it only goes on next week.  Ho-ho-ho!  I can’t go into rehearsal tonite due to the bastard snow.  But there IS a rehearsal on Saturday at 9am.  Aargh!!!

Not much later.

‘Brand New Moon’ – Gene Loves Jezebel

My God!!!  Tina Montgomery has just rung back.  And she wants me to direct the next play we do at the Angles Theatre!  Oh no!  This is great!!!

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