The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 7 January 1987

A Crush on Sadie Woolf

Approx 11.10!



Why, Betty, why do you

fucking well

hate me?




I’ve just been + washed my hair + Betty mentioned something about me seeing the doctors due to my spots … especially on my back where they are chronic!  So she asked me to show my back So I did a bit … she wanted to show Freddie an’ Daphne the really spotty bits + I refused cos I hate being treated like a ‘freak Show’ with funny comments from everybody … so mum told me to fuck off … all due to my sensitivity…

why don’t you


Understand me?!!!

I’m sensitive






‘All the Young Dudes’ – Mott the Hoople

I met up with Sadie today.  It was interesting, as she gave up a lesson of PE in order to extend our dinner (she dragged me into McDonalds and then Kingsburger).  We chatted about general sorts of things, i.e. school, the leaving party and life as it stands now.  She is quite into The Mission now, after listening to the tape I lent her yesterday.

I have developed a crush on her.

On our return to Tech, her male friends in the Second Year gave me some funny looks and laughed a bit at my appearance.  Well Bo-llox to you.  You fuckin’ trendy shyte.


On the bus, Monica and I chatted once more about sex, and she still hasn’t found another boyfriend.  That’s really bad for Monica!

As for this evening: WORRATOSS!

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NEXT TIME: ‘All Soul’s Avenue…’

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