The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 31 January 1987

Child of January


Suddenly I am a child of January. 

There’s a crescent moon
In the pale blue sky
Above a band of red
That soothes my eyes 
The mist is rising
From my cloudy mind
Exposing all the twisted
Thoughts I’d like to leave behind 
And I know where I’m going to
And I know where I’m coming from
And I know where my heart still bleeds
But I know who turns me on.


‘Transmission’ – Japan

So.  I went to Wisbech to meet Hannah Holm.  Before I set off, I did my hair and make-up whilst listening to Japan’s Adolescent Sex album, which is excellent! 

I reached Wisbech at about 1.50pm and dossed for a while.  Briefly, I saw Danny and Sarah (his girlfriend), and then I met Hannah at 3pm-ish.  She handed over a blank cassette and we went to ANDREWS, where we chatted about Wuthering Heights, The Omen, Drama, Acting, School, College, Kate Bush, Japan and much more.  We have so much in common.

We wandered around Wisbech and I was very happy with her company.  I hope she was happy with mine.  On the way to ATTIC ANTIQUES an old woman stopped in front of us and stared at my hair, saying:

‘I don’t know why, but I find it nice to see a young man with long, fluffy hair.  It makes a nice change, and your hair looks a lot better than all those others who cut it all short and severe.  Yours is very good.  I like it!’

I said ‘thank you’ and walked away very surprised.

After another visit to ANDREWS with Hannah, I walked her back to her house in Magazine Lane (near BMW’s).  I walked home (a few miles) taking the North Brink route.  I began to reminisce about the last time I walked down that part of the Brink, which was when Flash stayed, last summer.  Good old days.

I was happy today.  No worries.  Nothing.  I feel good and I am in the process of recording some Japan trax for Hannah.  Tomorrow it is February.  Roll on, Valentine’s Day.


‘Shelter from the Storm’ – The Mission

For me, this month, at first, meant the end of my life.  1987 grabbed me as a bit of a git and I just wanted to die, to escape life’s very frequent pressures and disappointments.  Finishing with Jen seemed to help make things better.  I don’t know how, though.  Was it just like finishing with BMW last year?  It simply freed up my emotional core or something?  And luckily, in retrospect, things with Sadie were never meant to develop.  Thankfully they didn’t.  I was also rather ‘interested’ in Monica Roseman, but I have let that one die in my head.  And after an afternoon with Hannah Holm, ‘as friends’, I realise this, too, is not to be…

This month’s clothes: skull necklace, small crucifix, J+MC T-shirt, black BR coat, Mission badge, tight black canvas jeans, red sash, black gloves, black suede boots.

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