The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 6 January 1987

Boys Keep Swinging

Approx 9.55pm.

‘Boys Keep Swinging’ – David Bowie

Today was slightly interesting.  I suppose.  I think.

Last nite, before I went to bed, I decided that upon awakening I ought to go to Tech intending to confront Alison about her sarcastic attitude towards me (her view that everything I do is wrong).  Yesterday, she moaned that music is all my life revolves around.  But it isn’t.  Music evokes emotions in me and helps me to understand myself, but it is a hobby.

Alas, I awoke late in the morning, and so I missed my bus.  What a doss!  I eventually caught the service bus to King’s Lynn (and I’d just like to add that the driver was a raight Dikk!).

Upon arrival, I decided to have a few cups of tea in KINGSBURGER before looking around the shops, which was dull.  Eventually, I returned to KINGSBURGER, where I saw Daryl, Alison’s ex-boyfriend.  We chatted awhile, and then I headed in the direction of Tech as he caught a bus home.
On the way to Tech, I bumped into Tony Pope.  We went into The Videodome, which has re-opened with a new approach.  Gone are the video-screens, the poolroom and the old menu.  In their place are Baz’s parents on the counter, a stereo system and a new, v. cheap food selection.  The whole of the time Tony and I were there, there were about five customers.  It used to be packed!  Y’see, it’s only open for a trial period, hoping to gain support from student customers so Ian can buy back the video equipment.  It’s sad really, to see it as an empty shell and to think of its October/November heyday.

Tony and I eventually left and went into tech, where we sat and talked to Sara Dix (his girlfriend).  When she went into a lesson, Tony and I returned to his lodgings.  I got a bit bored there and so returned to Tech and played Nyall and his mates some Mission on my personal stereo.

I then went to English Lit, which was a toss, and Jenny was away.  I think I’m glad it’s over now.  I feel very free.  I’m seeking new platonic and emotional relationships now.  A new start is called for.

At break, I saw Sadie Woolf and we got chatting, so she dragged me by the arm into the Common Room where we chatted some more. 
We’ve hardly spent two minutes together since we started Tech, so it was nice to have her pay me some attention.  She asked me to write to her – again! – and I lent her a Mission tape as she’s never heard of them.  We also arranged to go into King’s Lynn for lunch tomorrow.  I’m not sure what my feelings are for her, or what hers are for me.  We’ve both got stale relationship-free lives right now, and I still think she’s quite attractive.  I wonder if anything will come of this?  WE did snog at the school leaving party, don’t forget.  Do I want anything to come of this?  The prospects and their outcomes should prove interesting…

The last lesson – Theatre Studies – was crud. 

But the journey home was interesting.  As usual, I sat next to Monica Roseman.  She was in an immensely good mood, and very nice to me – and she herself didn’t quite know why.  She hasn’t got a boyfriend, either!  Many times, I have found myself attracted to her.  We got talking about sex and its various forms, getting very suggestive and vulgar.  Do I want something to come of that?  She was a lot freer than usual.

I’ll try not to push either of these ‘relationships’ (Sadie/Monica) further than the ‘friends’ stage.  Unless it’s called for!

Tonight, I went to the Angles Theatre to resume rehearsals on Do We Come Here Often?  It went okay, and it was nice to see Stan Flowers again. 

I also confronted Alison and she said she wasn’t being spiteful to me in particular.  In the hope that she might understand me more, I lent her my 1986 Diary.

I look angry and tired.  My hair’s growing up- and out-ward.




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NEXT TIME: ‘A crush on Sadie Woolf…’

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