The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 23 January 1987

Blood Brothers

‘Blood Brother’ – The Mission

I missed my bus again today!  So I dossed in Wisbech for a while and had the fortune to see BMW bike to school!

Reaching Tech, I met up with Roger and we sort of spent the day going to the Technology Block and ‘taking the piss’ out of those Trendies who’ve been taking the piss out of us for some weeks now (including one time when I was with Sadie).  We sat on ‘their’ radiators, burping a lot and singing ‘Jack Your Body’.  Aren’t we bastards?  We’re not really.  We were just amusing ourselves.  The trendies deserve it.  Let’s face it, they didn’t even see us, but it kept us amused!

Nyall has informed me of an upcoming ‘ALTERNATIVE DISCO’ at Pimms.  I might go, if I can afford it…

On the way home, Claire Stubbs and I fell asleep on each other’s shoulder.

MEGA BIG NEWS: I have got my coat back from Sadie!  And soon, we at Tech For The Lazy may be going to see The Cabinet of Dr Caligari by the Yorkshire Actors Company.  Guess who the music’s by?  BILL NELSON!!!  GROOV-EH!

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NEXT TIME: ‘Saturday sightings…’

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