The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 18 January 1987


‘John, I’m Only Dancing (1975)’ – David Bowie

Doesn’t feel like January, does it?  Feels more like a November to me.  I hope it doesn’t start to feel like January.  Likewise with February, March and April, because they’re such a drag.  In my opinion, the year doesn’t really start until June, and more often than not, the best months are August, September, November and December.

How interesting I am, eh, readers?

Oh God.  I’ll have to face Sadie tomorrow.  It’s going to be so awkward, and she’ll try and get out of seeing me as much as she possibly can.  Any money on it.

My hair’s getting longer and higher.  I’m still wearing eye-make up and black blusher.  I ought to shave more, though.

Maybe I ought to write some new songs?  Maybe I ought to stop thrusting my affections at the female characters in my life?

Oh well, it’s shaytie Sunday.  What will happen 2-DAI?  What’ll happen 2-MORO?



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See you later, chiddies.  I’m an idiot!  Ho-ho-ho!

Message from Santa (who just happened to be passing):


to you

all – you tossers…

Later on.


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