The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 9 January 1987

All Soul's Avenue

‘All Soul’s Avenue’ – The Cult

OH NO!  The next Tech play in which I am taking part is…

The show I performed at Wetlands in 1984.  Blow me!  It is by Bertolt Brecht, who I now know is one of Mr Bowie’s idols. 
I actually think I might enjoy it immensely this time, as we are allowed to use the correct techniques and make it into a more ‘experimental’ type of show.  I don’t know!  I hope to reach new artistic heights, chids, but more of that later on…

I bought my groovy coat, and lots of people thought it was nice.  I was going to wait and save it for Wisbech tomorrow, but I couldn’t.  Sadie thought it was great and borrowed it for the day.  Later on, she conned me into letting her wear it for the weekend.  According to Alison, she’s not going to bring it back.  Ho-ho!  How jolly!

Alison was as fuckin’ sarky as ever. 

I wonder if Sadie fancies me?!  I mean, let’s take our long chats in school Maths lessons and the leaving party into account.  And let’s face it; she’s gorgeous.  But could I handle a relationship?  No!  It’ll never happen.  She’s into car-drivers and money-splashers (and who’d blame her for that?)!  In English Lit, Sarah George told me that, last year, Sadie had been talking to her in THE VIDEODOME.  They ended up talking about me, and Sadie said to Sarah, ‘Don’t you think Ritcherd would be a really nice person to go out with?’
Sarah said, ‘I suppose so, yeah.’
Sadie said, ‘He’s really caring.’  Or words to that effect.

‘Be My Wife’ – David Bowie

Could this be the start of a whole new relationship?  Who knows?  If so, it’d better not be another Melba Dench sort of situation.  Let’s just be open-minded, kids.  Try not to think about it.

By the way, I think I saw BMW this morning – in TER-RENDI clothes.  And if it wasn’t her, it was someone who jolly well looked like her.  Ho-ho!

I spoke to Roger WatsonNyall’s brother – a lot today.  He’s a bit easier to get on with than Nyall, in my opinion.  There’s some talk of writing songs together and forming a band.  Which has me thinking once again that I really need a stage name.  Maybe Jezebel.  I like Jezebel (as in ‘Gene Loves…’).  Or maybe just Jez…  Or something with DeCarlo as a surname…

What do you think, listeners?  Answers on a postcard.

So.  The day ends.

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NEXT TIME: ‘A new alternative age…’

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