The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 5 January 1987

Back to Tech

5.30pm (approx).

‘Like a Hurricane’ – The Mission

Something important happened in my personal life today.  But I’m not going to tell you what it is.  YET!!!

Anyway, we are all back at Tech, and aren’t you glad?!  How shall I describe my first day of the blossomingly bollock-shiny new term? 

I’ve had a shit day…

I got to Tech on the bus, and on the way I impressed lots of people with the Viz annual Flash bought me for Christmas and talked to Monica Roseman a lot.

At Tech, Jen didn’t say much to me at first, and I didn’t say much to her.  Sarah George, Jen, Jazz and I went to KINGSBURGER and then LITTLEWOODS for various cups o’ tea.  Still nothing much was said between Jen and me.

I also intended to open my bank account, but I didn’t.

Venturing into ANDY’S RECORDS, I purchased The Mission’s new 12-inch single, ‘Wasteland’. 

I haven’t played it yet, but the packaging looks very commercial and trashy.  Better be good.

Back at Tech, still with little communication between Jennifer and me, I asked Bella Murphy if she would lend me a T Rex record this week.
Alison and Wanda were curious as to why I was being ‘strange’ about Jenny.  I didn’t elaborate too much.

I also spoke to Nyall, and he mentioned something about him going to see THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN sometime this year. 

If he is, I’ll see if I can go with him.

Well.  I suppose you want to know what the amahzing ‘thingie’ is?!

Okay.  At the end of lessons today, I asked Jenny if I could speak to her privately.  I did so, and asked her (with my open mind and new attitude) how she feels about our relationship.  She stuttered awhile and told me that she isn’t going out with Ian anymore, but she’s seeing someone else.  She then sort of told me (half-asking if I didn’t agree) that we had had more as friends.  I nodded in an agreeing sort of way.  Fortunately, she had reached the same conclusion about ‘us’ as me, so this ‘parting’ was made easier for me.  Then she said she felt that I didn’t agree at all and that I was upset.  But I told her I wasn’t, and that I understood.  Then I walked off to catch my bus. 

Jenny Taylor / Ritcherd Winterfood

November 10th 1986 – January 5th 1987


So.  It is over.


Approx 9.30pm.

‘Wake’ – The Mission

Let it be. 
Flash  helped me see the sense and built up the inner courage that enabled me to confront the situation and ask the right question.  He probably never knew that.  I suppose I feel quite ‘empty’ now, but as I decided before, the time has come for a new search for affection.  A stable, affectionate relationship is called for, and when I find it I will embrace it.

‘Hello!  Slightly pissed-off Goth seeks vibrant, exciting female of same species for depressing music, Wayne Hussey and fun.  Replies to Wanky Winterfood, Paphtah’s Way.’

I knew mine and Jenny’s time was up, and I was content to lose my desire.  It was a mutual decision that loosened the bonds.  Maybe friendship will bring us together and take us higher.  So hopes Ritcherd hell Winterfood.

Who knows what my personal life holds in store now.  Hopefully a new and exciting relationship.  SOON – PLEASE!!!

Approx 11.10pm.

‘Revolution’ – The Cult

I’ve just been reading last year’s diary and I’m quite amazed at a thought that’s just struck me.  Flash .  And me.  Way back on February 16th (wozzit?) 1985, I met him – almost by chance – and now we’re best mates who both seem to live merely to see each other once in a while.  What if we’d never met?  God.  How unbearable life would be.


I have begun to feel my problems lifting from my soul.  I have begun to feel better. 

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