The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 3 December 1986

The Winter's Tale at NORCAT, King's Lynn

'Home' - David Sylvian

That was the ticket, and here’re a few bits from the programme:

“A sad tale’s best for winter” (IIi)

“Let’s be red with mirth” (IViv)



Leontes, King of Sicilia                                                                    

Jarvis Worlledge

Hermione, his Queen                                                                       

Liz Buxton

Mamillius, their son                                                                          

Wanda Stubbs

Perdita, their lost daughter                                                                             

Gabrielle White

Camillo, lady-in-waiting to Leontes                                                              

Raquel Brown                     

Paulina, lady-in-waiting to Hermione                                           

Heidi Green

Antigonus, Lord, husband to Paulina                                           

Ritcherd Winterfood

Emilia, lady-in-waiting                                                                      

Anita Wotsit

Sicilian ladies                                                                                     

Carrie Williams                                                                                                   

Holly Blue

Bianca White


Polixenes, King of Bohemia                                                           

Ritcherd Winterfood

Florizel, his son                                                                                  

Sarah George

Autolycus, a rogue, formerly servant to Florizel                       

Alison Ford

Old shepherd, Perdita’s adoptive father                                     

Wanda Stubbs

Clown, his son                                                                                   

Jenny Taylor

Mopsa, a Bohemian girl                                                                   

Jo Wedonska

Dorcas, a Bohemian girl                                                                 

Sasha Cummings


Holly Blue

Bianca White


Anita Wotsit

Directed by                                                                                         

Veronica Treece


Clement Dudley


Jarvis Worlledge


Nanette Lambert


The play performances went well, even tho’ I was shit-scared and once called Leontes Laertes.  I remembered all my lines, by the way!  The camaraderie was great.  Many people commented on how good I was.  I dunno, though…

Stan Lampwick (formerly ‘Flowers’, having reverted to his real father’s surname, just as I did) wants to die.  Or so he says.  He reckons all the relationships in his life (with his mum and stepdad, with his dad, with his brother Russell, with his friends, with Wanda) have all been destroyed.  By him, he reckons.  It’s weird, because I’ve really begun to feel this strange sense of doom whenever I’m near him.  It’s really weird and I can’t describe it.  Like an ‘occult’ feeling.  Paranormal.  You can really feel it right now.


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NEXT TIME: ‘Stan…’

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