The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 10 December 1986


Political History:

Letter Between Ritcherd and Sarah George:

Ritch, this lesson is so boring, man!  You and Jen seemed to be getting on very well on Monday.  Do you still like her as much as you did before or more maybe?  Things could happen between you tonight at her house!!  I know she really likes you, she told me, but she’s going to be really positive she likes you more than Ian before she commits herself.  Did she tell you that?  I hope you’re going to get pissed tonight.  I am.  It should be really good.  Don’t forget to take your mistletoe!!  Is Jazz and Alison going?  Mr Walters reminds me of Hitler.  I fucking hate him.  RSVP.

Dear Sarah, dearest, my love, no, Jen ♥ didn’t tell me that.  And anyway, I don’t know what you’re talking about!  Me ‘n’ Jen ♥ getting on VERY well?  Hmmm… Wonder what gave you that impression…  I can only afford about two drinks!  Shit!  But if I do Vodka, I might get pissed as I won’t be eating much between now + then.  I don’t have any mistletoe, so I’ll do without!  Jazz + all them are off, yes!  RSVP for some more snappy chat!  PS.  It’s >great< to have Jen’s voice on tape!  She’s so scrummy!  Oh, by the way, I like Jen ♥ more than ever, really!  I’ll miss her at Christmas!

How much money are you taking tonight, then?  I hope you get in tonight.  For Jennifer’s sake more than yours (only joking).  So it’s the real thing with you and her, is it?  ‘TRUE LOVE’?  Don’t you like Alison any more now?  I expect she still likes you.  Thank god it’s nearly break.  What day are you bringing your Christmas cards?  RSVP.

Dearest Georgie, I’m bringing my cards on freytag!  Tonite I’m taking about £2.  Two fucking quid!  I need £1.20 for a taxi, y’see!  I don’t know if ‘LOVE’ comes into it, any more!  I mean, people always tell me, ‘You don’t get in love at your age!’  But then I can’t say I just ‘like’ her.  It must be ‘love’, I suppose.  Why does everyone take ‘love’ so seriously?  You must ‘love’ someone to go out with them (or whatever!).  I mean, it’s easier to say ‘I love you’ than ‘I rather like you quite an excessive lot’, innit?  Alison’s okay to talk to.  I think she thinks she’s still got a chance with me!  I hope I get in, too!  PS. How’s Joseph? 

I don’t know how Joseph is, and I don’t care.  I don’t like him any more.  I like someone called Tom Milner who is in my Maths set.  He’s much nicer (to talk to, etc).  I don’t know why I ever liked Joseph.  I must have been mad!  I wonder where Wills is today?  I’m sure he was on the bus this morning (bunker!).  By the way, I like your groovy signature.  Yes, I do agree with what you say about love.  It’s always thrown up out of all proportion!  RSVP.       


Today started off so special for me.  Jenny is so gorgeous, and she gave me a Christmas present: a poster of David Bowie and a postcard of Marilyn Monroe.
We were so close today, as well.  We sat for ages, drinking tea in Kingsburger, and I don’t know if I’ve really mentioned our visits there before.  It’s the café by the bus station, and we always seem to bare our hearts to each other there.  She was really lovely to me.

This afternoon, Mr Irvine gave me a quick viewing of my unfinished end of term report.  Disaster!  Not as good as I wanted.  It’s all Cs and Ds.  Okay for first term A-levels, but it’s bound to mention the lessons I’ve skived.  Why did I do it?  All for Alison and Jen and love, that’s why!

This evening, waiting for the disco, Jenny and I sat alone on the Drama Studio floor, both very tired.  I put some David Sylvian on the sound system and we sat and kissed for ages.  Eventually we found ourselves in the centre of the floor, locked in the most wonderful, dreamy and soothing embrace.  I kissed her neck and her ears, the hair at the back of her head…

‘Wave’ came on…

…and we fell silent, holding each other tightly but easily throughout the whole song, the heat of our bodies and the beat of our hearts willingly trapped between us.  Oh!  Her aura!  Holding that gorgeous girl, I realised my affections for her ran far deeper than I’d previously expected or imagined. 

When the song came to an end, we looked each other deep in the eyes and kissed again.

These were long, long kisses that tasted of the perfume from her neck. 

I have never felt so in love with someone in all my life.  This was as near to perfection as I have ever been.  I almost feel as if I will never achieve such perfection again…

I didn’t have a ticket to get into the disco, so Alison kindly sent hers back thru the door for me to use.  She also told Jazz to get lost (in so many words). 

Unfortunately, Jen and I fell out, cos I didn’t sit with her all nite.  I was only mingling with friends and dancing!  Why did she have to fall out with me about it?  Why did we have to argue?!  It can only jeopardise our relationship!  I mean, she just stopped talking – cut me out – when I came back to my seat.  I tried reasoning with her, but she refused to react, so I stormed off to the bogs.  Being pissed, I cried a bit, but I made sure no one knew.  It took a long time before we made up!

Later, we came back to Jen’s, but it was all a bit late and we didn’t get much time alone.  I had hoped we might get even ‘closer’ tonight, but nothing remotely sexual happened.

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