The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 22 December 1986

Valerie J. Dickless

It is 7.34pm.

‘Walking in the Air' – Aled Jones

Not long before Christmas Day, now!

I hated bastard-work today!  It was shit ‘n’ cark!  Thank God I’ve only got one more day to go!  It snowed today, but only a little.  And then it pissed it down.  It seems rather unlikely to me that we’ll have a white Christmas.  Or will we?  My theory is that the weather will snow like fuck, ‘n’ freeze us all to death until Christmas Eve, and by Christmas Day it’ll have pissed off like a raight wonker!

I am dreading bastard-work tomorrow, cos I hate it!  I am also dreading the arrival of my college report.  I can assure you that once they’ve read it, my parents will withdraw me from Tech.  No two ways about it.

It was fun at Tech, though, wasn’t it?

Hello, Jenny, you’re still on my mind.

WHAT RITCHERD IS UP TO IN 1985, 1983 & 1979

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