The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 14 December 1986

Let Me Out of this Stupid Universe!

‘Underground (Dub)’ – David Bowie

Wow, I’m not bloody psychic-wotsit-whatever-it-is, am I? 

Yesterday, I said my holiday would be ‘shaight’.  Well, I’m not wrong.

It’s just before 1pm, and I’ve been told that I’ve got to go to work at Freddie’s shitty lorry yard tomorrow.  Wasn’t asked, just told.  First I’ve heard of it, too.  I’m not really impressed.  The only decent thing about it is that I’m getting paid.  Oh, wow!  Big deal!  I really do go on holiday from tech, after 3 months, to go and work in a shitty lorry yard, sorting pallets and loading lorries!


I am resigned to my fate…

I might return later, I might not…

Oh, God…

let me

out of this stupid



‘Flexible’ – Depeche Mode

My diary is a bodge.  Izzitnotte?

My hair’s a bloody doss.  It’s getting too long to stand it up now.  And when it’s down it looks ‘jype ‘n’ squair’!  Y’see, I’m growing it fairly long now so I can dye it black and crimp it.  Why can’t it just grow o’ernaight?


And a Partridge in a bear tree!

Hey, this is q. a long Sunday, innitte?

Oh, most certainly, goth-mates!

Flash was spoken to by me tonight, and I’m seeing him next week.  He’s finished with Dodo now.  Oh well…


1) The cat pissed on Flash’s head when he rang me back

2) Berwin Groomstool comes from Barnsley!

By the way, kids, the Year of The Tiger will soon be over.  Next February sees the dawn of 1987: The Year of The Hare.  Not as dynamic sounding, eh? 

Oh well. 

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NEXT TIME: ‘Sick joke…’

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