The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 12 December 1986

The Last Day of Term

‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ – Marilyn Monroe

The last day of term!  A sad day indeed…

In the morning, Jen, Jarvis + I went up to King’s Lynn, where I saw Sadie Woolf (and gave her loads of Christmas kisses), Sarah George (and drank her wine), and got myself covered in ‘silly string’.  I gave Jen her Christmas present: a 7-inch of Marilyn Monroe singing ‘I Wanna Be Loved byYou’ and a Marilyn postcard.

Last night, Baz from The Videodome threw himself through a window, but he’s okay.  He ended up getting so drunk that he smashed up the entire place.  How jolly!

Kelly Fisher got me into the afternoon Common Room Disco (because I didn’t have a ticket), and it was there that it really hit me that I shan’t see Jen for 3 weeks!  This is bad!

At 12pm, I kissed Jen goodbye.  God!  I’ll miss her!

When we got back to Wisbech, Jarvis took me for some lunch and then a game of snooker (YAK!).  Then we got some lager and dossed around Wisbech.  He’s a good old pop-chum!  He’s in TS2 and I got to know him because we worked together in the play.  It turns out that he, too, used to fancy Janine Sherwood.  Who?  The girl I fancy in Andrew’s!  That’s her name!  Golly gosh, eh?

I might be seeing Flash next week if we go to Ponty!

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NEXT TIME: ‘Inbetween days…’

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