The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 15 December 1986

Is Life a Sick Joke?


HAA-YARDOOH go to work in a lorry yard!



HAA-YARDOOH go to work in a lorry yard!  It’s raight nice!  Much!


‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’ – The Smiths

I didn’t enjoy work at all!  The only thing keeping me going through the dusty, dirty, oily, backbreaking drudgery was the anticipation of £28 at the end of the week.  God!  I hate it!  I hate it!  I hate it!  They’re all ignorant, sexist, pisstaking fucking bastard idiots.  And it’s all the same tomorrow, too.  I do love such things, many, much ‘n’ AAARDOO, etc.

Can’t wait till Saturday. 

Hello, Flash.  Hope it’s all nice ‘n’ cushy at school.  Lucky sod!

Even though I’ve been at work, and I’ve just been lifting pallets from one place to another, it’s given me a lot of time to think and let things filter THRU my mind. 

I’m really missing everybody at Tech – most especially Jenny – and I can’t wait to see everybody again.  But I miss Jen so much.  I bet she can never really understand how much I think of her.  I’ll have to write to her.  I’ll send her a tape, I think!  Why must we be apart for so long?  Why?

Mind you, the image of a certain college girl has been running thru’ my mind’s eye today.  The girl in question is one I have never mentioned before, but I see her most days and she’s gorgeous.  I don’t think she’s a patch on Jenny as a person, but she is stunning to look at.  She’s perfectly shaped, with a pretty face, cat-like eyes and long blonde hair.  Her name is Bianca White and she’s exactly the sort of girl I would love to have sex with, but is totally above my league.  I don’t know why she’s been in my head all day.  The only explanation I can think of is that I must’ve dreamt about her…

Hey, everybody!  Wonder what Birdy’s doing these days?  Dossing, like me, I expect.  We’re both a rait bit o’ Mr Gregory Humphrey Snyde!  Whatever that is…

But, no…  I feel as though I’m a new person in most respects now.  I intend to start 1987: The Year of The Hare as the new Ritcherd Winterfood.  I think I’ve begun to achieve most of the things I wanted to achieve at the beginning of this year.  My biggest ambition, aside from getting to college, was to become alternative.  I’ve begun.  And this is ONLY the first stage…



‘Come and Buy My Toys’ – David Bowie

Rite now I’m writing a Situation song called ‘Fumbah (Squeeze My Rox)’.  It’s horrendously perv + funny!


‘This Is Not America’ – David Bowie and Pat Methany

Hello!  It’s 11.17pm.

I’ve just been to the pub with Freddie.  They were playing all kinds of music there that I’m not really into.  But it made me think, and I’ve decided I do respect most peoples’ music tastes.  They have their reasons for liking what they do, even if it’s stuff that I think is crap.  For no reason I can explain, I find myself feeling a warmth and respect for Jo Wedonska and her love of Simply Red.  And me 4 liking David Bowie.

Why do I miss Jenny so much?

Why Do

I love Jenny?

I Love ‘U’, Jen!


Life a

Sick Joke?

I miss The Videodome.

I miss Tech.

I miss my friends.

I miss Flash.

I miss Jenny.

I miss love.

‘This is not America…’


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NEXT TIME: ‘Missing Jenny…’

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